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Friday, January 28, 2022

Updated!! Winter Storm ... Blizzard Warnings UP for East Coast from NC to Maine... TRAVEL Dangers I95 - Jersey Turnpike! Stay Informed in Real Time on Watches and Warnings. Oh Yes, Florida is Going to be Cold... East Coast Cloaked in Watches and Warnings from NWS.

The Coastal Storm aka Blizzard 2022
It's coming together.
On all levels.

Again note how this one area covers so many states from New Jersey to Pennsylvannia to Delaware to New York.. no man is an island in a winter storm such as this and everyone needs to do what's best for themselves to carefully, cautiously get through this storm SAFELY.  I heard someone on TWC talking and I didn't stop what I was doing to see who it was as I was trying to get dinner up so I could play here online watching the storm.  And, she said I believe her father who was a ?? policeman?? perhaps from NJ said that the only way to get through a storm like this was with a 6 pack of beer and find a chair at home and hunker down. I'm sure my mother would have prefered chocolate cake! But my mother didn't do Winter Storms she considered anything North of Palm Beach as "Up North" but tomorrow morning Palm Beach and Miami are going to feel like they are Up North and wind chills may be below freezing in many of those cute little suburban areas. 

Because it's all about the WIND.........  the WINDCHILL.......even Florida gets Winter Weather temperatures from this particular winter storm covering the whole East Coast and coming together as I type.

Radar shows snow on the move!

Down here in Raleigh ...snow is moving into North Carolina.
Virginia will be cloaked in snow for a bit.

Coastal storm ... will be wild at OBX. 
I'll enjoy it in Raleigh.

Check your local NWS or just go to Google.
Google wills how you hour by hour your forecast.

It's no longer about models.
But about what the storm itself delivers.
How far West the impacts will be is the question.
Newest models show inland impacts.

Do NOT travel on I95 or any highway ... the warning area.
If you do take food, blankets and winter storm supplies.
You may be a great driver but that other person........
....who loses control and plows into other good drivers.

Just saying.........hunker down.
Stay warm!

Coastal Blizzard!
A good site to follow.

A plethora of links, loops and information for Winter Storms.
One feature I love is the Twitter Roll Mike has...

You can scroll through Jim Cantore Tweets.... Government Tweets.

Maybe even my tweets.

It's almost like Mike has his own Weather Channel.

It's all about Phasing.
The storm coming together just right time wise.

And that is happening in real time.

All the tropical people, even the Hurricane Hunters are involved with the coverage of this historic Winter Storm and in a few days we will know if it broke records, we will know where and when everything happened.

Now is YOUR time.......... to make sure you have what you need to stay warm in case you lose power and the heat goes out. Hopefully you don't. But this is one storm to remember on many levels and it worries me that in the past we have written and forecast and explained and begged people to take it seriously and then after the worst happens (let's say Hurricane Ida) everyone seems shocked, surprised and can't believe it happened.

We have to try hard to get the word out. Mike from does a great job so pay attention to his site, the NWS website for your area and well ... Just Google your city and the word weather!

Doesn't get any easier than that!

Stay warm, sweet tropical dreams...
...or snowy dreams.
Or whatever you wish to dream...



Keep reading below, it's all still relevant!

Updated 4 PM 

There's a BLIZZARD COMING! Drudge Knows!

He's a big weather geek, don't ask me how I know ;)

Bad Blizzard not an  Ice Cream Blizzard... 

Social Media is all over it!

From Thor to people concerned on the Jersey Shore.

Let me repeat this "not since 1,484 DAYS"
That's a long, long time.

Winter is Back in Season.
Like high heel boots that flirt with the knee.
So prepare. It's coming.
And a huge area will get impacted!

It hasn't formed but it will form.
Would they send Hurricane Hunters in for no reason?
Think about it.

Current image below. NAM.
Short term forecast tool.

Note this includes Delaware.
A beautifuls tate and part of the I95 Travel Mess.

To find out your weather impacts!
Go to Google.
Update frequently as this evolves in real time!
Type in your city's name and the word "WEATHER"
Winter Storm Warning!!

Currently we don't see the storm yet.
Weird to have warnings and nothing on satellite imagery.
This is a Winter Storm NOT a Hurricane.
But it may deliver strong Tropical Storm Force WINDS!
On top of blowing snow.


There used to be this great Unisys Water Vapor loop that was 12 hours long and it was easy to stop and see things coming together or degrading and slipping away. See the image above. It's the beginning of the loop. Note the bottom image and you see something really digging down and the last image of this loop almost looks like a hurricane symbol forming over Southern Iowa and Missouri. It's beginning to dig and twist and do it's thing. Impressive to watch in it's early formation stages of what will be the blizzard of late January 2022. A bit too early for Groundhog Day but stay tuned, there's more where this is coming from and it will be nasty, cold for Mister Groundhog! 

It's a good loop to save. I have it bookmarked as ATS. It's a long story... WV Atlantic etc.

A look at this image above shows...
... whole Eastern US under warnings.
Warnings of one kind or another.
There's a huge storm coming.
And currently it's still in stealth mode.

Again mositure in Gulf of Mexico and off the Carolinas.... a small dip is noticeable in the MidWest.  But, when the steering currents kick in it takes a dip and a swing like a fancy dance move and suddenly from seemingly nowhere there is a WINTER STORM and while everyone is worrying on the NYC Metro area or the BOSTON area. In reality the real problem could be I-95 travel corridor and places such as NJ where the highways may be cloaked in heavy snow with winds of say 30 to 35 MPH which means basically blowing snow! This also impacts the Jersey State Turnpike if you thought that was an option...

And when I say NJ I really mean the general I-95 corridor from NYC through NJ down to Philly and towards Maryland, it's going to be a mess.  Delaware, Philly, Newark... you know the drill if you travel that part of the country often. 

So this is me thinking out loud being me.
It's my blog, my weather diary.

The kids bought me a new phone as a present, it's a nice present and they upgraded my iPhone to the latest model and yes the Facetime is nice for the kids and their kids but honestly little grandkids don't really care but it makes the kids (parents) happy. I'm more an Android person and I can do things with my Android that don't work as well on the iPhone but the Apps are better and you don't really care do you? 

The point is whether you see it or you don't, whether you understand it or you don't, if you live in NY NJ NE DC to Maryland area (including Delaware) you ARE getting a Winter Storm and someone is getting the BULLSEYE.  

BUT THE WHOLE AREA..........the large geographic area will suffer delays and disruptions from this storm and power outages are possible, accidents, people stranded on I95 trying to get to Florida for Winter Vacation...  and as you remember after Hurricane Ida exited over this EXACT REGION being stuck on the highway during such an epic, historic weather event is NOT A GOOD IDEA!!

Someone gets lucky and someone doesn't... . someone gets this head on and everyone who hates snow just hopes it will be a busted forecast but hoping and wishing doesn't make it so. CAT adjusters from the Insurance companies are already getting into place and power crews from other areas are on the way to the storm stressed area.

Will this storm form an eye like feature? It could. Hurricane Recon already went into the storm. They don't waste gas and time for no reason, it was to help obatain valuable information to bring you a way better forecast than we have had as mostly we have had flip flop model runs. 

One thing I am grateful for, personally, is the move to Raleigh allowed me to understand how extremely difficult it is to forecast a Winter Storm and to nail it down the way we nail down forecasts for tropical weather 5 days out with a fairly accurate cone!

It's a Low Pressure System. It is cyclonic at times and until that center forms IN REAL TIME we can't nail down the forecast exactly as timing is everything as is the location the Low forms before it catches it's wild ride with the Jet Stream!

2002, 1978, 1968 and 1997 are years with high storm totals in Boston, I know this because I'm watching Bernie Rayno on Accuweather on my Roku. He's good, learned that during the hurricane season. I'm going to bookmark those years to check out their hurricane season later. He really does a solid job giving data and details and the devil is in the details so that's important. 

In NC I am expected to get some snow. Probably just a dusting but any snow here is appreciated.
What is really appreciated is a good forecast discussion from the NWS and the best I have seen is from NWS Mount Holly that covers an area near NYC and NJ and Philadelphia! What happens in NYC doesn't usuallys stay in NY as NJ is integrally connected to NY as Long Island is to New England. State boundaries don't tell the story when it comes to weather. And, my daughter who lives in a suburb of Monsey is literally half a block from the state line of NJ. Areas merge together weather wise and otherwise.

This huge weather storm will merge together weather wise and otherwise.

The link above is for the graphic below and it shows the story. This is a mutlistate event and no matter how much you want to focus on SNOW start focusing on WIND because WIND is what a BLIZZARD is all about. j

Like a wild Hurricane passing the Outer Banks of NC and quickly going Extratropical, this is just the opposite. This storm is forming off the Outer Banks and coming together and catching a fast ride on a crazy Jet Stream that is dipping down to pick it UP  and suddenly BOOM!  There's a Blizzard!  How fast is it moving actually? Timing is always integrally related to intensity and track!

Again I95 Storm could get slammed in a historic way. 

Boston can have a historical snow storm.

Cape Cod is well you know.........Cape Cod, sticking out there saying "come and hit me with your best shot!"

Listen it's late January the heart and soul of Winter when dreams of Spring and baseball linger in the back of our head, but it's WINTER and it's a winter that has exploded old school style delivering in my neck of the woods 3 different snow systems and more on the way over the next few weeks. We barely had measurable snow in the last 3 years and now BOOM SNOW IS BACK IN STYLE!

So buckle up and know that something is coming, something is forming.  If you live in Florida it's going to be cold, cold, cold but you avoided a blizzard back home so stop bitching and real born and raised Floridians are thrilled they get to wear winter clothes and have a real winter blast before the heat comes on hot and heavy when winter is over and lasts for months and months.

Stay tuned. 

I'll update later today but really until this all comes together off the coast of North Carolina and catches up time wise (timing is everything) with that streaking, dipping system that is going to give it a fast ride to it's destination I can't tell you if Hartford or Boston or Long Island gets its the worst before it slams into New England but either way.........NJ a state that in meteorologically includes Philadelphia and NYC and by the way if you are in Atlantic City...hunker down and post photos to Twitter or Instagram.

Much love... 
Thanks for reading.
I'll be online later today staring at loops while I cook up a storm watching this all to come together.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever......

PS...........STRONG WINDS IN NYC mean the winds can be intensified in weird ways where there are high buildsings and the wind whips around the buildings and IF you do get the blowing snow well it's going to be something you haven't seen in a long while. Eastern Long Island and Cape Cod know what's coming the question is are you prepared and do you know what is coming?? Old things are new again, winter is back in style so get your boots, don't drive and if you do take a blanket and supplies with you in case you get stuck in snow because a Winter Storm is going down!


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