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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Roller Coaster January 2022 Stock Market. Winter Storms. Florida Colder Than Alaska?? A Look Back at Disneyland in the 80s ... Partying All Night Long!


Roller Coaster Weather.
Roller Coaster Stock Market.

The temperature graphs here look similar.
Roller Coaster January!

The Stock Market was so crazy yesterday the Dow went down 1,000 points then recovered and ended up a few points up. My husband is a Financial Planner and he has the various financial networks on when he's in the house and yet yesterday I kept watching them because ....well was more interesting than TWC! 
What a financial storm yesterday was and today seems just as unstable.

There's talk of a huge storm, a Noreaster... (I always spell that wrong, weird spelling) ... snow storm, ice storm, wind storm, blizzard call it by any name you want you will find a model that gives you whatever you wish for.........

GFS above.
EURO below.
Same time and date.

Exact location makes all the difference.
As always it hasn't formed yet.
We are modeling.

This above?
Or that below??
So much snow below!!

So I'll give my thoughts late tomorrow.
Wednesday Morning.
For now... it's too far away.
Check back later!

It's anyone's guess how the Stock Market will close tomorrow and it's anyone's guess what the storm will deliver this weekend! And the weather goes on surprising us this roller coaster month of January 2022

When my brother was young his favorite ride at Disney was Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I was boringly an adult as a small child, so I hated stuff like that and wanted to walk around looking at things that years later I would take photographs of as I'm a photographer at heart I suppose. The French Quarter at Disney did me in and by the way Disneyland was much more fun than Disney World because you don't have to walk forever everywhere and it's just off the freeway ramp and it was fun to hang out at the Disco in Space World, saw some of the best acts there and had a blast. That said.........This period in finance and weather has been a lot like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.  Country Bear Jamboree that was fun in both Disney World and Disneyland. But in LA there was a HUGE drop down into Pirates of the Caribbean unlike in Disney World where it wasn't there.......   I always wondered what would happen if there was an Earthquake and we were underground at the Blue Bayou in Disneyland.  My mind worked in LA when I was obsessed with GEOLOGY more than meteorology :) as without hurricanes I had to track something! I also partied a lot!

Telling you that summer was a blast!
Link to article below.
Then I moved back to Miami now I'm in NC!

We had weather so warm it was hovering near 80 degrees (felt like 90) then we got cold weather and snow but it didn't stick "because ground temperatures...." then it was beautifully, blessedly cold again (YAY) then it warmed up the second snow we had melted :( and well it's Raleigh in the Winter! I was told early on it's kind of Bi-Polar and never rely on the forecast or the temperature to stay the same. They don't plow the snow they wait for it to melt. The year of the "POLAR VORTEX" it didn't melt. No school for weeks, no ability to drive out of small streets unplowed without a 4 Wheel Drive and the worst Spring Pollen we ever had.

Colder in parts of Florida than Alaska.

But when Alaska is's warm in Florida.

But this is really about Miami where the weather has dipped down and they are getting a real winter, and that means everyone is digging out their closet trying to find whichever winter jacket they had before they  moved there. The born and bred locals like me look for their favorite boots, inter jacket they bought on sale on clearance some March that has been waiting, waiting and waiting for a day when it's cold enough to actually wear the boots and jacket.  

Growing up I wore my mother's winter coat (it was trendy, cute and really a jacket but looked good barely covering my short skirts... wore boots over tights and a short skirt with a short sleeve shirt (of course) under my mother's jacket. In the morning it was 44 degrees and we were freezing... by mid day it was warmer and at 3 PM we'd walk home and slowly take off the clothes. One January I took off the coat, took off the boots, took off the tights.....walked home barefoot in short sleeves and a short coat dragging my "winter clothes" home and the next day it was warm again. You get the idea.

Yesterday there was this racket outside that sounded like rain, heavy rain and it was really annoying as the sky was Carolina Blue and I couldn't figure it out til I went to the window and saw the water pouring down and realized..........."oh it's warm the snow is melting" and the waterfall of "rain" ended and there was no more snow. A normal Raleigh winter. That said I'm going out soon while it's relatively warm.

Gotta love Only in Dade....
...keeps me connected to Miami.

So does my daughter who loves it!
She's wearing her NC STATE boots in Miami.
And grabbing awesome sunrise pictures.

Miami in the Winter is beautiful.
Hope the tourists brought some sweaters!

But in Miami everyone is freaking out over the FRIGID WEATHER! And Mother Nature played an especially cruel joke on the tourists from New York who flew down to get some warm weather. There's a "thing" called "Yeshiva Break" it means all the Jewish Day Schools and Yeshivas take a break in January and everyone who can flies to Miami or Orlando for warm weather and to see relatives who also took their annual winter trip to Florida. While it is way warmer than NY.... it's way colder than they expected! Oh and many of the locals run for the highways or airport to get out of town before the tourists fly in as it's impossible to find a restaurant with an opening, no reservations left and well it's their chance to go see snow!

There's a lot of talk about a HUGE WINTER STORM in NY NE ...up and down the I-95 Corridor... they keep putting snow in my forecast and taking it out just as fast as the models keep flip flopping. I will write about the storm late Tuesday or early Wednesday, the models really just need to settle down and there are too many intangibles with the Southern Jet, the Northern Flow... where the storm sets up and where it goes. It's January, if you are freaking that winter might interfere with your travel weather you obviously don't pay attention to the weather in January often.  

Check back tomorrow... will talk on weather.
But I'm in a mood today, a good mood and it's fun to just write a bit.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Disneyland in the 1980s!

The blog above explains this but ...seriously why would you go to Disney during the day with all the babies crying, screaming ... people pushing strollers (us too but we'd take the kids but.....going back at night with a babysitter at home watching the sleeping babies ...that was incredible. Actually saw them sing this in person there... close to Midnight, I partied a lot in LA ;) Good memories! Sorry not checking for typos, my eyes are tired and I have places to go and things to do today... but it's been fun writing a bit so if you are reading, thanks for getting all the way down to here... we must be family!


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