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Monday, January 31, 2022

Mother Nature Remembers Texas, NM, Oklahoma, Missouri and Other States Missed in the Coastal Blizzard of 2022! NE Wins.... Noreasters Are Strong Like Hurricanes! Weather Matters Always...

Mother Nature remembered........
...she forgot the Middle part of the Country.
She's making up for that this week!

Dave Schwartz from TWC loved the Wizard of Oz.
So this one's for you Dave!!

Mother Nature coming at Arkansas, Texas & Oklahoma!
Lots of other states out that way too!

Note it's still COLD where I am ...
...but I love the winter here!

I'm going to take a break today and maybe tomorrow, unless I get some quiet and get in the mood to write a bit. Winter is not over. February flings snow and ice at many places that have some how until recently avoided Mother Nature's Winter Gone Wild of 2022! The exodus from New York after Covid has been epic, and now I've had friends tell me they are done... they were done but the Winter Weather this week did them in and they are moving to Florida. Good luck renting an apartment or finding a house to sell! My son is in the Real Estate business there (actually my brother is too) and just finding a house to show that doesn't have an offer on it is almost impossible. I'll add that the construction business in Raleigh is through the roof all during Covid, what was a bust for stores in Malls seems to have been a BOOM for the real estate market. 

I live in a fairly nice area just North of Raleigh, obviously called North Raleigh, where many homes back up to or are adjacent to a golf course. The two homes in the above picture that I sent to my brother who loves the street views here to show him how fast it's changing and these two houses were put up literally overnight. Let's say in less than a month there was a beautiful, older statetly home then an empty clearned lot and then POOF 2 homes on both the lots that were sold to builders buying up any house they can find just to knock it down and put up a new home equipted with all the amenities many new buyers want. The old homes were well maintained, just the kids moved away and demographically it was a good neighborhood to target for sellers thinking on moving closer to their kids and grandkids or maybe just closer to the sun and a green golf course that they can play on all year long. 

Weather impacts everything not just our day to day lives but from the Real Estate Market to why one country covets the land that grows wheat and for most of our written history was their own personal bread basket! Why countries want warm water ports that are not frozen all winter. Why you may want a nice condo down in Myrtle Beach near a golf course and just a few blocks from the ocean.  Weather matters.

On a personal note I have decided to never complain again when someone from New England explains they aren't afraid of a hurricane because they have Noreasters! I'm just gonna let them win that argument, because after this last one that brought historic levels of snow, hurricane force wind gusts and a storm surge that flooded parts of Nantucket... I'll never even try arguing that one ever again. 

If you want a really good headsup on this week's weather please check out Larry Cosgrove on Twitter or LinkedIn or any social media you prefer. He is excellent at weather but especially long range weather patterns and he always has a special place in his heart for Texas where he was on the air for a long time and knows that area very well. That's a graphic from his Facebook post today and he explains how Texans won't be happy to see Winter make a come back nor will a good swath of the country that may get Ice as well as Snow and where it will go... oh look he can make a storm track!

I'll be back maybe tomorrow or the next day, check in often and see what's new in the world of weather. Weather that is not so tropical but truly I'm enjoying this winter in Raleigh. February in Raleigh and March I should be in Miami for a bit. 

Much love and thanks for reading along.....
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter usually weather, Instagram ...whatever ;)

Ps my brother is a huge Elvis fan, yeah he's the type who dresses up as Elvis for Mardi Gras ;) (my other brother not the Real Estate Appraiser) and we all love Texas ... ;) my brother Jay loved this song as a baby. He'd stop crying when we put it was on often!




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