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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Invest 90E in the Eastern Pacific! Ice Storm Concerns for NC SC Coast.......Eastern NC. Snow in Raleigh? Texas Getting Sleet! "Feels Like 7 Degrees AFTER the Storm Passes Here... Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best...


Officially on the NRL site! Invest 90E

So much to talk about today. Winter Weather. Winter Storms. Invest 90E in the Eastern Pacific! Yes I said that and it's that area I have been watching in the Pacific that has just been persistent beyond description!

This is why I've been enjoying this wide view of the cold front that goes from one end of the USA to another, giving Texas Winter Weather... bringing chilly temperatures down into North Florida and the Carolinas as well as the Tidewater parts of Virginia and North Carolina are waiting for snow while Myrtle Beach and places closer to the coast wonder if this is the year they get another Ice Storm! Oh and Agatha could form as a "shortie" system if it is able to attain that status before giving it up to the colder waters of the Pacific! Mother Nature currently taking aim on Eastern North Carolina with a possible Ice Storm! 

Such weather drama! Far left you can see Invest 90E ...our front and up close and personal ... you can see what's happening in Texas and the Carolinas!

Snow. Freezing Rain.   Rain down in the GOM...
Current radars as per 3 PM 

Wes highlights the TEMPERATURE ISSUE
7 Degrees Windchill
You really ready for "feels like 7 degrees" ??

Good graphic here where the Ice Storm concern is!

Everyone wants to know "when does the snow start?" and "are we really getting snow?" and "how much snow are we getting?" and "tell me if it's gonna be all sleet??" and the ever popular "be honest, this storm is a bust right?" and the beat goes on... I didn't mean that like "sleet has a beat" but it does. Down by the coast they would prefer sleet to Freezing Rain.  I was in Myrtle Beach after an Ice Storm... a lot of the Palm Trees crashed into themselves looking so sad, they looked their crown and were buckling in looking so sad. Yes, I love Myrtle Beach and no I don't play golf! Love the coast here so hope they don't get too hard a hit!

I'll update later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Please read the previous blog I wrote on how I feel about the constantly changing and rearranging of maps and forecasts based on ever changing models and how that totally confuses the general public. Our job, in my mind, is not to make everything so complicated and confusing that people just give up and decide they won't prepate because model A said model B was wrong and they heard something about Raleigh not getting the snow or Conway not getting Ice so they aren't going to worry on it and "they always mess up the forecast anyway" and no I don't want to add to that  misery.

So let's keep this kind of simple.

You know K.I.S.S. method ;)

Doing this like a road trip.
If you are in this image above........ may get winter weather!
And freezing temperatures after the storm!
If power goes out...that will be horrible!

If you are inside the blue box ...
..just an example... 
Freezing temperatures this weekend!
And possibly problematic road conditions.
Note the highways here.
Travel on I-95 may be severely impacted.
If you are traveling, keep food, water and blankets in the car!
Don't say I didn't warn ya...

As for me I am no longer fretting if I get snow, sleet or freezing rain though expecting rain and some snow, maybe sleet. I'm just watching the rain fall, watching the temperatures drop in real time and listening to the Governor do one of his 3 PM Weather Updates (he hates General Hospital obviously) and I know I will know in real time for sure what we really get. It's Winter, I love Winter and I'm enjoying it. And, later in the month the models have been showing a really big system that impacts weather from Florida (note severe weather approaching the West Coast of Florida) and blue SNOW spalshed across North Carolina. As he's a pattern (for what seems like 3 weeks.) Winter has RETURNED to the Carolinas after taking a 3 year vacation.  If not this storm.......maybe the next one! And, the beat goes on... 

Hold onto those winter supplies.

Don't blink!

Hurricane Season could come early this year!

Sweet Tropical Dreams, 


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