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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Hurricane Sam and Victor! October Tomorrow... What Will October Bring to the Hurricane Season?


Hurricane Sam.
TS Victor.

Check out those wind profiles!

There futures are tied together like bread and butter or peanut butter and jam. Wherever Sam goes, Victor wants to follow. Not much I can really say, other than - - thank you Sam for sparing the East Coast. Sweet of you, hopefully the rest of the named storms will follow your lead. But, deeper into October trouble could be brewing and it will be harder though not impossible for this pattern of avoidance of the East Coast to continue.  

The most obvious feature on the map above doesn't have any kind of circle. The mass of convection off the coast of Texas is interesting in that it "looks" like a landfalling system that formed over land and is about to exit over into the water; radar shows it's very active. Again tropical moisture will always find it's way up into the heart land and over tropical waters even if there is no circle and no name and no model producing any named storm. And, yet it will produce weather as the image on the  MIMIC below, shows how much moisture there is down there moving and oozing around. That's an abundant, tropical flow that is flowing way up into Canada without a named storm creating this anomaly. Lastly, look at that horizontal feature out ahead of Victor - that is strange. It actually has a name and it's Invest 91L. Currently the NHC is very down on an idea of development, though models do show some signs of life.

Note the little yellow X below. NHC says "No!"

Models shown below because why not?

Keep that in the back of your mind.
Don't worry on it but remember it.

Part of that energy could get into the Caribbean down the road and try to brew up into something. This is how "pop up" surprise systems get going, they take a piece of old energy and wait for it to do something. Think of it like Sourdough Starter! 

And, while this is not being watched and doesn't have any real signature other than rain, it's going to rain on someone's day today and the associated moisture will keep on moving up into the heartland. But, then fronts will keep dipping down (even dry fronts) and there will be this battle going on between the moisture from the tropics and the fronts from the North. That's the show, that's the drama as we move into October tomorrow and then into November down the tropical road and November is that month when anything goes. Then it's all over and that's the real reason the early settlers gave thanks in late November ;) 

Hurricane Gordon, a November mess.
Dissapated just in time for Turkey Day!

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Ps Using the lyrics version so that you can learn the lyrics... if you don't know them. Wild storm last night here in the middle of the night, two hours before it was forecast to "sprinkle a bit and barely make it down to the surface" and that's a gentle reminder that meteorology is not a perfect science, it's a science we are constantly learning more about as time goes by but that's another song.


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