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Friday, April 09, 2021

Waves Matter! Early African Wave Train... Too Soon...Too Low. But So It Begins! EPAC Starts May 15th. Will We Get Named Storms Before June? Stay Tuned.


So let's talk tropics.
There used to be a room online for that...
Looked like Stalk Tropics to me.
Palm Beach Post... great paper.
But I digress... 

(punctuation is so important...)

Yes we are watching the satellites.
Watching patterns.
Those too early, low latitude waves.
When they reach South America....
..and splash up on the mouth of the Amazon

We know the Wave Train is beginning.
Takes weeks, months before they are Prime Time.
But it's a start...
..a sign that that time is getting closer.

I have a best friend who always reminds me she doesn't believe in coincidences. I'll add that one coincidence gets your attention, two coincidences really wake you up... trust me. One wave wandering westbound is interesting, two westbound waves is the start of a wave train that begins early, too low to do anything more than crash onto the coast of South America. Ironically, sometimes those early April waves are kick ass waves that look better than late May or early June but again they are too soon but it's the beginning of the pattern switch. Dabuh knows that and he knows I know that so we be watching frequently!

May 15th begins Epac Season.
Note the congregating of convection there now.
To the east is a wave near South America.
An Atlantic Wave.
Too soon yet there it is!

Here's a close up of our wave.
Looks like a scared rabbit.
As in "oh my gosh what have I done??"
"I'm running out of ocean!!!"
"I wasn't made for the Amazon River........"
"Oh nooooooooo......"

Poor little early too soon wave....
...we will remember you well!

That 's Africa.
All purple, dry and wait what's that?
RED means convection.
(There's another wave candidate behind it too!)
Next wave leaves the coast.
Too early, too low,  too soon.

But it begins...
One wave at a time.
Two by two...

Stay tuned!
Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather.
Instagram whatever.

Ps Lyrics are always good...
...because words matter!


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