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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Violent Volcanic Eruption in the Tropics... Ash Can Be Deadly... How Long Will This Last? La Soufrière (What's In a Name??)

What is in a name? The name La Soufriere literally means sulfur and that is the smell that pervades the atmosphere as caustic ash rains down onto the tropical island famous for having a volcano on it. Hurricanes come and go but a volcano seems to be forever. Sometimes they are quiet most of the time and tourists go near to take photos of both the volcano in the background and themselves standing in the shadow of a volcano that violently erupted in 1979 the same year as Hurricane David left the Caribbean in search of a Florida vacation.

You can tell which way the wind is blowing.
Not rain.... it's from the volcano.
East bound.... 

ASH it's not Pine Pollen.
We complain but it goes away fast.
Ash can be deadly.

Ash NOT Pine Pollen.

This is a picture Rob sent me from
He's been updating his patrons with information.
I found this comment worthy of sharing... it and think about it:

"The ash from a volcanic eruption is MUCH different and is much, much more hazardous than what you would find with the ash from your wood stove or from a wildfire.  The composition of volcanic ash is extremely rough and caustic and if you breathe in the ash from a volcanic eruption, it can mix with the moisture in your lungs leading to you to potentially “drown” in volcanic ash"

Think about it.

Open House on Natural Disaster Season.

Wondering what the Hurricane Season will bring?

In Miami and most of Florida today wicked weather.

Cold front clashing with moist tropical air.

Significant Weather warnings are rare.

Another view....from earlier today

Sure feels like Mother Nature is on the warpath!
Geologically and meteorologically!

Stay tuned.

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