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Thursday, March 25, 2021

NO MORE GREEK NAMES! New Alternative List.... In Case of a Busy Season. More Changes at NHC Y Not Monica Tina or Angela??

Link to this story below.
This did raise a few eyebrows.
Why? Really??

I have a brother who lives in Greece and I kind of liked using his alphabet for Xtra Hurricane names that manage to sneak in under the wire in a busy season. It was kind of fun I thought. Also Greek names often are names of muses and I'm very Pro Muse because well muses have rights too! But, alas the Greek Alphabet was pulled faster than bad guacamole at Chipotle's menu! And somewhere along the line the powers that be chose a new list of names that are shown down below. I'm not saying they are not nice names but why Jacobus and Sophie made the list is beyond my pay grade. I've always been partial to Kappa and Mu myself, maybe put Mu back into the Pacific....  Sophie is a cute name, does that mean it will not not be on the regular list should a storm like Sandy be retired again or will they change this list next year? So many questions. Apparently "the committee" made the changes, sad because I'd love to have seen Sophie on the regular A Team List of names rather than the B Team List personally.

A look back at last year's names.
The very hyper season of 2020!

Perhaps we should all submit names to "the Committee"
What's your favorite name?
What names would YOU like to see added.
I'd vote for Sophie and Oscar 
Max and Lola!
Perhaps Bobbi or maybe Babette!

Anyway what is in a name anyway?
Something to think on...
We thought Andrew was "weak" in 1992.
We were wrong.
Names have significance after the season is over.
Sandy was cute or reminded people of Aunt Sandy.
Sandy became a name that conjures up disaster...
...a powerful, long tracking hurricane!
A name to remember.....

Stay tuned.
Let's see what other changes will pop up this year.

Did DaBuh really say 90s??
Mid or upper 90s??? Oh my..........
How is that even possible in March??
Start preparing now for 2021 Hurricane Season!!!

The truth is the most important thing for you to know and to do is how to properly prepare early for the 2021 Hurricane Season as the waters are warming up and when the heat is on ... storms form early even before May 15th because things work according to Mother Nature's schedule often not ours. People who really know what the main things to worry on and that's actual development not names. It's like when the Miami Dolphins went out to change the uniforms back to a retro look similar to the Undefeated Season, alas it's about the team and their strength or weaknesses not the uniforms as they learned. What is in a name?

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Alternative song for the day... 
... alternative names demand alternative songs!

Link to the new names below, kind of surprised they didn't just put them in the link above. What's up with that? 



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