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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

March Brings a Mix of Weather to the South... Hot Weather AC Weather, Cold Fronts with the Heat ON... and Tornadoes and Severe Weather


So it seems we are in for nasty weather on Thursday.
Mid day today it's 39 degrees here in Raleigh.
When the warm air flows in and it meets the cold air.
Kaboom! Wicked Weather.

I know it's been a while. But hey this is my "off season" when I feel a bit lost because not waking up to check on "my wave" or a newly named storm.  Football season is gone, gone, gone and Winter is trying to fade in the rear view mirror but it keeps coming on strong after a few days of warm weather. This is the perfect set up for trouble in a good part of the South where one day it feels like summer and the next you rummage around in the closet for your warmer jacket and the boots that have not been put away yet. When you get this sort of Texas Two Step weather wise you are headed for serious severe weather trouble. 

His tweet explains well why The South is under the gun!
The lid is on, it cannot escape to the NE

Yeah, you get lulled into this false sense of security where you begin putting away your winter clothes and begin debating if you are going to plan something or rather go to the beach for as many days as possible or both and then you realize it's freezing and the cold air is coming in from outside because you left the window open a bit and it's not the AC making you feel the cold breeze. Yes this time of year you run the AC or the Heat on any given day, especially if you have allergies.  Supposedly it's going to be back in the 70s on Thursday with a warm, srong Southerly breeze as the next system rolls through and when I say roll I mean like a rolling ball or a wrecking ball. It's gonna wreck someone's world around these parts but where ain't exactly clear. Some models show it stronger down East near the coast or in the Sandhills, other models hold onto Raleigh being under in the Bulls Eye and then there could be a system after that one. It's got a name, it's called Severe Weather Season. One person I watch when we have Severe Weather in Raleigh is Vern on Spectrum News. Yes, I have cable news and yes I have it just for Spectrum News as they do "weather on the ones" meaning every 10 minutes they do a great weather segment... more weather than you get on The Weather Channel. So if you are in the Carolinas follow Vern always but especially when there is Severe Weather as Severe Weather to him is what Hurricanes are to me... I've often wondered why he's not on TWC, but their loss is our viewing area's gain as he is good! And y'all know how picky I am about weather people who I follow.....

Awesome sunrise the other day.

Made me feel like we are getting closer... really wicked weather round here.

Mike below is always watching weather.

Mike lays out the timing...  
I'm sure you follow my friend.
And Mike IS a friend of mine.

Even Mike who is on "vacation" this week is following the wild weather in the South while sipping his name brand beer and enjoying Low Country Boil, it's a thing... there's corn on the cob thrown into the mix and in Florida there is always fresh corn growing. Following Mike is addictive, trust me but if you are a weather person, especially a tropical weather person, it's a healthy addiction. 

Weather people are awesome photographers.  Check out that picture that needs to be a wall poster as it's truly weather art. That's a cloud, not a fancy blue agate rock.... truly beautiful photograph and most weather people are by nature photographers as well. Chasing in Oklahoma this week is like trying to drive fast in a traffic jam, everyone who does severe weather is out there and I know as I'm following a few friends vicariously riding down the back roads in my mind. I have chased, but mostly hurricanes unless there was a line of severe weather rolling through the Florida Keys then we'd head South and hunker down on the Bayside waiting for a line to sweep across the sky with dangling waterspouts and occasionally a small twister. Some of my favorite pics were taken in the Keys, though any truly wild wall cloud or roll cloud will get my heart pumping fast.

I took that picture.
Down in the Florida Keys chasing.
Photos do not do it justice.
The wind was blowing hard, fresh and wild.
That line was moving fast.
So fast every frame looked different.
So low yet moving fast.
When the rain came...
...we had to take cover fast.
Wilder than a Cat 1 Hurricane trust me.
Monsoon Weather in Tropical Miami...
.... nothing like it on the Plains trust me.
 I've been in a corn field during tornado weather.. Iowa... similar but different.
The approaching wind makes ripples on the water..
..and then waves, foamy and wild.

Dixie Alley is dangerous for chasers.
Dangerous for residents.
Because it's not the wide open Plains... 
It's hilly, forested and thetrees hide what's coming.
Chasers prefer Texas and Oklahoma.
Oh and add in we often get nighttime tornadoes.
Nighttime tornadoes are obviously more deadly.
In the dead of the night no one sees them coming.
Most people are sleeping who aren't chasing.

So let's see what unfolds later this week.

For those of us who are always watching, even if we are not blogging every day, we knew this threat was coming and we know a strong, wild tropical like low may form off the Carolinas soon enough as the forecast models move into the 4 and 5 day period vs the far out view that Dabuh does best. I like to watch Thor (that's how I think of him) when he does his weather videos as he just keeps looping long term models over and over so I can get a better feel for it than when I watch too many model loops and it's like trying to smell the 7th perfume in Saks in NYC where you have lost all sense of smell and no not talking Covid. Models make me dizzy if I watch too many of them so I wait to see what my friends show until we are closer to hurricane season or a real strong Tornado threat here so yes I will be looping models today and tomorrow. Okay, again I'll say it. All meteorology people are mesmerized by geology so yes I watch the volcano videos also....

Could happen.
Again I said a tropical like low...
Not looking for names.
Again @Dadabuh always reminds you...
..."they come in 2"

Remember that for the Hurricane Season.
Which is less than 80 days away!
Earlier when we get pre-season activity.

Stay tuned.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.
The link below to watch is this one...

Rumer is so good. 
The video reminds me of my childhood.
Out on Bird Road in Miami....
...closer to the Glades than the Bay.
So hot you can't imagine...
...and yeah I used to walk the dog that way.

Yeah when it was hot we'd drive over to Matheson Hammock or down to towards the Keys with friends who wanted to fish or swim or just get away and get some air. Miami in August is not for the faint of heart, it breaks the AC or the AC bill breaks the bank as you run it as cold as it gets.  I lived in tank tops and short shorts or I'd walk over to the JCC nearby with my best friend with one of my father's big tee shirts over my bikini. Not sure which bothered my father more the bikini or the fact that I wore his V neck white undershirts out...  my mother was not amused but she was usually too busy studying or doing art to notice I left ;)   Life was easy in ways then and fun, yet to be honest you have to find "fun" wherever you are ...however old you are or whatever you are doing. Yes, we had skateboards then but they were not for breaking your shoulder bone like my son who did Extreme Skateboarding but for getting around and letting the dog pull your or your cousin pull you along fast as he rode his bike and you held onto the jump rope while on your skate board ;)  

Good song, but a good singer most people haven't heard of but who is awesome.
For some reason Blogger won't let me find that link above that is obviously on YouTube so I guess they push what they push and it's the way of the world these days. That was a comment, not a song cue!


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