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Monday, February 15, 2021

Winter Patterns Become Early Spring Severe Weather Patterns ...That Can Show Us Developing Hurricane Season Patterns.


Is that a wild water vapor image? 

Not very tropical but very kinky.

You can see the dips and swirls....

And frontal boundaries kicking up the weather.

No it's not snowing in Raleigh, but the good news is it's not raining for the first time since I can't remember. There is rain in the forecast, but we have cold weather and gray skies... sounds like a nice day to take a winter walk when the air quality is super clean and the sky is visible through the naked trees. I do so love naked trees, they each have their own form and shape and arrangement of branches even if you see a stand of the same trees they are all unique in some way due to their own life experience... kind of like people. But this water vapor image above really stole my attention and rearranged my imagination this morning. 

Adore him. 
He really really really gets it.
Understanding weather like that is instinctive.
In the gut, hard to explain ... a knowing.

I sent it to Dabuh who of course made weather art with it including words and music so I've done by good deed for the day. Note he's done his so someone give him a huge bonus please - he truly deserves it!

That's my grandson in Monsey NY

Yes it's winter and yes Texas feels like Wyoming and my daughter in Monsey let her 5 year old son dig through the snow to see if his "freeze pops could be found and if they froze"  He found them, no they didn't and so he covered them up again with snow. Seems there's a budding scientist there....  In Raleigh I refuse to even look at a weather forecast promising me a few flakes with my rain because let me explain how this works....the rain melts whatever flakes were in there and there's more coconut flakes in my granola than I saw in our wintry weather episode. I don't think Winter is over, I think it's going to take a bit of a vacation while deep down in the South we suddenly see a spate of severe weather and then add in some early March Madness I'm guessing of the meteorological mind and unless I take a trip somewhere soon I'm not seeing snow.  But always amused online and busy with a mind that never rests so will talk on the tropics when it's more tropical.

They were slushy not frozen?
How is that even possible?
I miss them.
I digress.

I'm concerned on Spring Weather coming early.
Sneaking in between cold fronts.
Surprising people with "what the heck was that!!?"

That's Tuesday on

That's Thursday, second verse same as the first!!

Let me tell you night time tornadoes is a thing here.
And severe weather early in the season... always trouble.

Then we look towards patterns...
..and the hurricane season.

Check back later for a song..
Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps...if you follow Dabuh's thinking...
...u can always find the song!


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