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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Winter Weather ... The Beat Goes On and ON ... A Definitely Maybe. I Love Winter Weather... Tropical Weather... Any Weather


This was snow on the oak tree near me earlier this week.
The snow turned out to be real where I live.
No asterisk... real snow flakes!
We had close to 2 inches :)
My neighbor's roof still has some snow on it!
I just love that - it makes it feel more like winter...
...when you look outside and see snow on a rooftop.
Most of the snow melted fast.
But not before I took some pictures...
...and a walk around the neighborhood.

Yes it snowed at night....
That's the tree beneath the street light.
It was beautiful in the morning...
...and a little bit of snow flurries fell around sunrise.

Tonight and tomorrow there's another chance.......
...a chance of winter weather.
It's very iffy and interesting.
This finger of winter weather pointed this way.
Models for a few hours from now..

Reminds me of some song..
Straight from the heart??
Anyway... We will see.

This model avoids Raleigh like the plague.
If only the plague avoided Raleigh!!

Raleigh seems to have figured out how to hide ...
...from winter weather.
After the Snow Disaster a few years ago...
...we obviously figured out how to stop that mess.

Maybe we have a snow force field??
Being silly.....
I'm hoping for frozen precipitation personally...
The NWS discussion is all over the place.
In theory it slides to the North of us... maybe.
Who knows?
What I've learned living here is this rule!
Maybe yes, maybe no. 
Watch in real time!

Time will tell.
As always I watch the local weather people I trust.

Is that kind of strange or what?
But totally logical.

And the beat goes on...

I like winter and I am unapologetic to those who dislike snow and thought moving to Raleigh would save them from snow, they should have moved down to Jacksonville Florida if they really wanted to avoid snow though sometimes they get a few flakes. The slightest variation in any one of several parameters can change the forecast and we could have more than expected or be robbed of frozen P Types while Roxboro NC gets all the winter weather. I'd think on moving there but it's a bit far from my coast and less likely to get hurricane impacts but just like Greensboro it gets more than Raleigh usually.

Have a wonderful, happy and very HEALTHY weekend and eventually sooner rather than later we will be talking tropical. As for me my son gave me money for my birthday to buy myself something and I bought a Cashmere V Neck Sweater in black on sale from somewhere and I'm loving it and living in it these days so let's keep talking winter weather for now. I love SNOW ... can you tell??

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