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Monday, January 04, 2021

First Week of 2021! Whispers of Snow & Winter Weather in the Forecast (maybe) BUT in Louisiana the Debris Remains from the 2020 Hurricane Season


I love the wide far away view of the world.
Look at those storms in the Pacific.
The swirls off the East Coast.

For a good while of my life I was a librarian and I was trained to first research wide, then go narrow, then go wide again until you find what you are looking for...  Yes, I know men fantasize about librarians.... I've heard it many times before trust me, but it was really a dream job for me that even I would not have conjured up as a fantasy. My degrees are in loftier things and libraries seemed great places to sit and read in the aisles with your best friend when young or flirt with a cute boy you were doing a project with but as a job? Yeah, it was great and so much time to research and read and play along with helping others find things they need.  I need winter weather so I sit here waiting, wondering and wishing on winter weather. What do you wish for?

It looks wintry.
It feels wintry.
But not seeing any winter weather yet......
...but I'm waiting

Monday Morning, first week of the New Year. 2021 unless you haven't heard, 2020 is in the rear view mirror and we drive fast hoping it doesn't try to gain on us.  People in the Carolinas are wondering on their iffy chances of seeing winter weather of any kind later this week. The Euro shows we have a chance, the GFS oddly puts a "snow shield" around Raleigh but shows some snow falling nearby. The NWS has actually put it in their discussion, shown below, and for me I just go about life as if it's not there until we are three days out and I can see snow in the NAM. That said, I did look at the models and read the NWS forecast discussion. 

All from shown below.

Wow there's possibilities there.

Different days, different models.
Time will tell.
That's how we do it in the Carolinas.
But the chatter is everywhere.

Dressers, cribs all piled high in the street ....
...still waiting for normal after the hurricanes of 2020.

But you know as much as 2020 is in my rear view mirror, in Louisiana that keeps getting dumped on by Mother Nature with one storm system after another is still trying to dig out from under the depths of debris piled high along the streets that have yet to be removed and every day reminds them they were Ground Zero for the 2020 Hurricane Season. Mike, from Spaghetti Models, went to Louisiana recently and drove through areas that look as if time as past them by.

After Hurricane Andrew my block looked like that on Miami Beach until the last week in October, when the trucks came and finally took it away. Understand it was a moldy, mess of layers of tree trimmings and furniture that OTHERS dropped off and piled on top of other things others left so that the sidewalk had a barricade behind it and you could not see the street or the homes across the street. All I wanted was "normal" and to be honest it was probably the beginning of my search for "normal" in odd ways and yes I lived in Miami Beach and the powers that be needed it cleaned up before the tourist season. But there is no "tourist season" on the back roads of Louisiana and the Lord only knows how long it will sit waiting for a system that is overwhelmed by multiple hurricanes and exhausted by Covid so I'm pretty sure for many in that ravaged area it will continue to look like 2020 for a long time.

If you know of charities that are reliable in those areas impacted please give to them as they need more than most of us and as always the Red Cross is a reliable "generic" place to give

Have a great day, a good week and a very healthy, happy 2021!

Mine will be more wonderful if I actually see snow falling out that window in the daytime! But, waking up to snow on the ground would also be acceptable! Daytime snow is preferrable!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter (mostly weather) on Instagram weather and whatever........

Ps ... Mike talks on "snow chances" and his recent trip to one of my favorite places.. New Orleans.
The beauty of YouTube is you can catch stuff whenever you want no matter what you are doing! Hope that works, if not try here


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