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Friday, January 01, 2021

2021 is here! Pacific Low Pressure Storms That Look Like Hurricanes Edge Closer to the NW Coast. Alaska Low Pressure Records Set. What Starts in the Pacific... Doesn't Stay in the Pacific! Maybe January 10th or so... Real Winter Storms in Our Part of the World.


No that's not the tropics.
But check out those Lows.
Cyclone like weather systems.
Swirling towards Alaska...
... Canada and Washington State!

New Low Pressure Record set!

Wonder where that system ends up???
I've been watching it for a while.
It's true Weather Porn.
Being honest.

Listen when you are watching for hurricanes to form and travel towards the East Coast, Gulf Coast, the Caribbean and North Carolina, you don't watch your backyard pond you watch Africa, the Atlantic and the Caribbean. When watching for winter systems you crank your head around and watch what's coming in from the Pacific and then hope that something begins to descend down from the Polar region...   and that's why we are all watching this Alaskan system. That and it's an awesome, beautiful wound up low pressure system. You don't see that every day and as it's January 1st, 2021 I wonder if that means January may be a lot stormier and possibly colder than December has been in most places. It's raining in Raleigh and trust me I'm not wearing boots today.  

Closer to home it snowed.
Well kind of the middle of the country...
...give or take. 
Oklahoma City had snow.
It's not making it to Raleigh...
...but there's plenty more Winter left.

That's my first Tweet this morning above....
My first Instagram done half asleep down below!

Ya, Dabuh is watching it too.

So let's move on to a new year and personally I'm thinking around January 10th or so... Winter Storms should ramp up and parts of the South and South East, along with the Mid Atlantic may see real Winter Weather ... with possible various forms of frozen precipitation which actually is how I prefer my precipitation.

The real reason for posting today is to say "hello" and wish all of you the weather you love most in 2021 and the health to enjoy it and much happiness.

Keep watching, enjoy the foods and flavors of New Years Day. I'm making brisket and collards and black eyed peas with some rice thrown in there somewhere... a huge sweet potato I've been saving because it's gigantic and it needs a special occasion.

Much love...
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram... thanks for reading and following me and interacting with me and the rest of us on Twitter!

Ps Enjoy the swirly, wildly beautiful show from Seattle when the countdown hit zero while I was sleeping on the East Coast but my brother in Greece sent it to me this morning. Amazingly wonderful world we live in these days in many ways!


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