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Monday, December 28, 2020

Wintertime... Waiting on Snow.... Winter Weather Out West... Up North. The South is Waiting Impatiently. New Years Day Around the Corner!


Winter maps from Spaghetti Models above..

Winter weather seems to be staying Up North.
That's what my Grandma Mary called it...
"Up North" as in "it gets cold up there..."
It's cold here but no snow.
Winter weather spattered about out West.

Storms coming in from the Pacific.
Parading their way towards New Year's Day.
Rain out there is not necessarily good.

I know you may not care about LA but I do.
Lived there long enough to "feel it" still inside.
California. Carolina.
What's a few consonants?

Honestly I'm crazy about naked trees.
Love seeing their structure...
...without all those leaves.
They cast unique shadows.
What can I say?
We are all different.

Those shadows look like graffiti ...
...drawn on carefully.
But if you don't stop to enjoy it...'ll miss it when it's gone!

I want snow.
I'm getting cold dry air.
And then up from the South comes warmer air.
Rainfall that turns snowy in New England.
As the systems ride up the coast.
I want Polar Air.

I'd also like my packages I mailed to arrive.
Over 2 weeks ago still missing in action.
A few showed up.
Amazon gets it there in 2 days.
The Post Office takes more than 2 weeks?
What's up with that??

Yes, it's been a while since I blogged.. I didn't realize how long it had been since I last blogged as I took my seasonal break from daily blogging. Being honest, this time of year I dream of snow and give thanks daily for cool weather, blue skies and fresh air. Raleigh this time of year is awesome. Then again Miami this time of year is the time of year people there wait for basically all year.  

At some point I know I made the transformation to a Carolina girl when I realized I miss Pawley's Island more than I do Key West. I still love Key West, but I love driving down to the tip of Pawley's Island, through the marsh, down the road as if I am seriously coming home. I actually have ancestors who lived there, go figure... Maybe some genetic memory? Who knows what our genetic memories remember? Mind must have remembered snow because this Miami girl loves it.

Okay true confessions I love weather... I love a change in the scenery and life happening vs stagnant weather that stays the same forever. Fair Weather is only nice for a few days before you long for something to happen. If you didn't long for something meteorological to happen you obviously wouldn't be here.

I'll be updating more often so check back often and we are very close to moving on into 2021!

Stay tuned!!

Besos BobbiStorm

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Ps ...Enjoy.... cause I grew up in California in the 80s! Ask Facebook, it must be true!!  ;)


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