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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Winter Storm Gail Turns the NE Into a Winter Wonderland on December 17th ... Winter Begins on Monday. Is This a Preview of Winter 2020-21?


Those are not igloos.
That's a parking lot.....

Yes the storm delivered all it promised ...
...and more!

Binghamton is winning the snow total contest..
It's upstate New York.

Some snow shield there.

Out West there's another storm.
And behind that another one!
What happens when the Polar Vortex shows up for the party?
Think about it... 
...guessing it rides the parade of fronts like a King!

I don't want to scare anyone but if the Winter of 2020-21 is anything like the hurricane season was of 2020 it should deliver more headlines and a winter to remember. Models, for what they are worth, have been hinting at "yawn" and "maybe" and weather people online are either hyping or crying but in truth it evolves in real time just like hurricane season; trends and patterns begin to evolve over time. The trend is your friend when trying to discern a pattern to predict what will happen down the wintry road.

That's the EURO for Christmas.
Below is the GFS ...same day.
Reality will evolve but they agree more or less.

I know everyone wants a White Christmas...
...I'm Jewish and I do too!
I want snow always....
...for Chanukah and my birthday and New Years Eve!
Every good movie should have a happy snow ending.
A happy ending calls for a snow scene ya know ;)
Rain is good but snow is better!

Every winter storm needs a snow covered deck picture!
There is something about snow that turns weather people poetic.

Oh and remember I said yesterday it would impact Florida.
It delivered a Tornado to Pinellas Park (Tampa area)


It's going to be an interesting weather.
So my final thought here for today is this...
..a line in an old song.
Second verse, same as the first!

Or as the song sings "we've only just begun!"

Winter officially begins on December 21st!
Winter Solstice.
This may just be a preview of what is yet to come.

Stay tuned, 
BobbiStorm...waiting for snow in Raleigh.
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps no that's not Boris... that's Peter Noone!
Cute song ;) 

But what amazes me is this...
..this is just the beginning of Winter 2020-2021!

They had 41 inches 5 hours ago.
It's probably more. 


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