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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Winter Storm Gail is Quite a Winter Gale - Across a Good Part of the US - From Florida to New England


Nice signature.
Strong tropical moisture feed...
Winter wind swooping down.
Merging together.
Socking it to the Mid Atlantic and NE.

It's raining here in Raleigh.
Missed the wintry precipitation I adore by...
... like two counties over.

Up the coast snow and ice is moving in...

But down in Florida....
...a front is moving through.
Rain and strong storms.

I'm not gonna post tons of pics of snow falling across the Northeast but maybe later I will post a few online. I have kids up there waiting, waiting for the snow to start to fall. I'm watching it on TWC in the background, kind of on mute and watching it do it's thing even though it deprived me of a taste of winter weather. In reality I love this time of year when you get to watch how fronts evolve in real time vs the models and you get a feel for what may be coming down the road. What did the models miss? What did they sniff out? Did they over perform or under perform? Did the front dive deeper? How strong was the winter push and how long did the system stick around? Watching a pattern set up that should last for at least a month or two as we move deeper into December and edge closer to January.

The Euro above for December 24th...
The GFS below for December 24th!

We are caught in a pattern of fronts and we are waiting for real Arctic Air to join the party.
A parade of cold fronts. Like the Rose Bowl Parade for us.

Stay tuned...

... you can't stop a train or Mother Nature!

So follow along and enjoy the show. I hope you get the weather you wish for the most.

Besos BobbiStorm
Dreaming of snow.........

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram


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