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Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Winter 2020-2021 Showing Up as Temperatures Drop, Snow Flakes Fall in Raleigh and We Watch Models for Winter Weather.


Yes, it snowed in Raleigh.
Very briefly, but long enough for a taste.
Literally ... catching snowflakes on their tongues.

He is great to follow, his work is excellent. 
He always makes Raleigh look magical.
I was over the top yesterday watching snow falling.
However briefly...
...a taste of things to come.

Everyone's talking about winter and snow, it's the hottest topic on Weather Twitter now that those  monoliths stopped popping up. Mike has his very tropical site turned over to a site filled with Weather Links and of course Spaghetti Models. He's been known to hit the road and drive up to where the snow is falling and if you want to know where it might fall ... follow Mike!

A close up look below at Wind Chills.

Drudge is a big weather person.
He has good links on his weather link (bottom right)
Wright Weather above is a favorite site.
In the 20s in the mountains of Alabama.
Did you know Alabama had mountains?
West of the Mississippi it's cold.
29 degrees currently in Jacksonville, Florida!

Check that departing Low Pressure system.
A huge weather maker.
Bringing winter down into the Deep South.
You can see snow on the coast as it departs on offers many filters.
Use them! Check out their "new snow" filter...
Snow actually on the ground vs flakes falling and melting.

Honestly, this is where it all gets funky model wise as we move deeper into December and models differ vastly in the next week's forecast in the 6 to 7 day period and on the ten day they aren't on the same page. Meteorologists spend inordinately huge amounts of time debating how cold we will be, how warm we might be and where it will snow and when based on a wide array of different factors. Basically despite all the talk online and the analog years we really aren't sure and only time will tell what the winter of 2020 and 2021 will really be like as we zoom zoom zoom right through the 2020s.

He said "phase" and "polar westerlies" together.
Check him out on social media.
Subscribe to his weekly forecasts.

He's good to follow on Facebook.

Everyone, including Larry, knows I'm a huge fan of Larry Cosgrove who I became friends with on MySpace (in ways more fun than Facebook) and he's a true treasure for his wealth of meteorological knowledge, geographic expertise and musically he is always on the money. I remember he said some possible storm system would "Bomb out" and people disagreed and said "no way" because "the models" and it bombed out so much it had it actually had it's own weather graphics on TV and crazy nicknames that I can't remember specifically but it became one of those huge storms that slammed the East Coast and he was the lone voice that followed his own vast knowledge of patterns and experience and well I've been hooked on him as much as he is hooked on Panhandle Hookers... it's a weather term.

And if you look at the models on
You will see how not aligned they are down the road.

Above is the EURO for next Tuesday.
A week from now.
A strong system off the coast.
Carolinas, Virginia and Del Marva.
The GFS below for the same day sees nothing.

If they can't agree on the 7 day....
How can we really know what this winter will hold?
I'm taking weather one day at a time.

So stay tuned.
We are in the process of change.
And wherever we are we can enjoy the Season.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.



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