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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

11 PM Updated! 2nd Area Near Portugal Mentioned Earlier in the Blog - Why is There 2 Yellow Circles in the ATLANTIC? What's Up With That? Watching Winter & Tropics on the Models.

As I said below earlier.
It's an active spot this year.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
I'll update sometime during Turkey Day!
From earlier on Wednesday below.



So what is this really about?
30% chances down the tropical road.

The front comes down and runs away with the spoon as the old nursery rhyme goes but it forgets to grab the little shrimp fork when it steals the silverware. So a sliver of moisture may remain left behind and then there is a chance between frontal progressions that a subtropical system forms for a bit before moving on. It's model driven and the models are also driving the possibility of snow in the Texas Panhandle and the Applachians getting the white frosting that winter delivers while people living in the Piedmont and along the coast watch longingly at snow falling out near Asheville and Tennessee on the other side of the mountains. The Euro delivers more than the GFS and basically we are just watching models so let's look at some models. Using below and remember when you use it you can change settings, layers and models.

Yes it looks as if the front grabs it all.
Oh ... look there's another front!
There's snow up in Canada.
And the Rocky Mtns.

If you look carefully........
...there's a closed low in the Atlantic.
It's model driven down the road.
Models show snow edging into the South.
It's one model run... 

And that's what this is all about. Models.

And then we have a LOW by Portugal.
Because 2020.
A long slicing front...
Snow a week from now...
Flirting with the mountains of Georgia.
Winter on it's way.

So that's it.

Honestly this time of year there are things to check out in the Tropics but it seems the progression of Louisiana bound hurricanes are gone thankfully and yet weather doesn't end it just evolves into a different sort of beast or friend... depending on if you love snow and ice or you hate it and hit the road south to St. Pete to get some sun on your face and heat on your feet as you cross the hot Florida sand thinking "I'll fly back when the snow is gone" and I'm just the opposite because I love winter up here. I'm a Capricorn, a winter baby so maybe that's why or maybe I just like this unique form of precipitation that turns white and falls from the ground unlike anything I grew up with in Miami. 

The Carolinas are a great place to be if you love hurricane season and wintertime. 

Love what you do... love where you live. Give thanks for whatever  you have this year and well I suppose you can thank the NHC for decorating their maps with yellow decorations.

It's a beautiful world really, even with all the things we complain about so give thanks you're here if only to complain ;) or be grateful!

I'll update if anything unusual happens.
Besos BobbiStorm
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