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Sunday, November 08, 2020

Tropical Storm #ETA Projected to be a Hurricane Soon.. Projected to Cause Weather Havoc & Power Outages Across Florida


I know it's a strange cone.
Think of this like a Subtropical.
NHC tracks the eye.
The weather will be everywhere.

What can I say this morning.
It's too late to warn people.
ETA is there already.
Raining and only getting rainier.
NHC has upped their forecast to Hurricane.

My thoughts are in the Twitter post below.
Please turn the sound up and listen.

I've been saying this for days and I can't say it again... this is more like a subtropical storm with strong tropical storm force winds and possibly hurricane force gusts very far removed from the center. West Palm Beach has higher power outages this morning than Miami that is closer to Eta. Strong steady gusty squalls will come in all day and all night. It's not Andrew but it's not some storm that glides by off the East coast going somewhere else as Dorian did but it's ETA and because it's an odd shaped storm currently all the weather on the right side (NE and EAST) it will impact every area in SE Florida and the Keys before moving out into the Gulf of Mexico and possibly taking aim at the Tampa area down the road. When I say Tampa I mean really everywhere from Naples to the Big Bend needs to pay attention. In Miami you have either taken precautions or not so it is what it is...

We have a projected Presidential winner and we have a projected hurricane. It's your choice whether to carefully pay attention to late breaking news of the weather kind. The election story will go on and on but ETA is arriving in South Florida now and supposedly going to move slowly. If that verifies you have a big problem on your hand so please take it seriously. Late this afternoon projected radar shows a solid core of strong winds moving in ... 

Might not be Hurricane Andrew.
But if your pine tree crashes on your car...'ll always remember ETA

I'll update this afternoon.
Please read last night's blog.

Thank you!
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram


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