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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Coastal Storm. Rain. Snow. No Hurricanes in the Atlantic.

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So many things I notice above.
Cold air out in the Atlantic.
Tropical moisture down by South America.
(getting into place on time for Epac season)
Huge cold front draped across the SE.
Low winding it's way up the coast.

Not much to add here.
The models have been modeling for days.
We've been waiting for it to form for days.
Seems like weeks.

X Marks the Spot.
Should see a named storm forming there in a few months...
...or less, that's my thought.
Climo active area.
Especially this year.

Cold fronts that stall down the road need to be watched.

They are watching snow fall in parts of the South.
When I say snow... I kind of mean flakes.

A bit of the ground covered here below.
Closer you were to Charlotte and the Triad.
Better chance you'd see snow.

Always a chance for Raleigh.

But the weather seems to go around Raleigh.
We got rain, steady rain, drippy rain.

Hard for me to get excited about.
I don't want to hype a coastal storm into a hurricane.
It's that time of year when we do go a bit crazy.

Oh my gosh I can so relate.

I wake up and think I should check and....
...and then remember... oh it's April.

Jim is watching old hurricane movies.

Yes we have no hurricanes.
We got coastal storms, we got snow and we have rain.
But we don't have any hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Watch an old movie?

Yeah we be trying to stay busy.
Keeping out of trouble.
Passover comes at the end of the month.
Hoping to have some fun  back home in Miami.
Kids, Grandkids and Best Friend.
See how long husband and I stay there....
Kind of leaving options on the table... 

The leaves  here on the trees are coming back.
Flowers are covered in pine pollen.
The heater is on at night....
...and sometimes the AC is on during the day.

Not there yet......
But think we will get a named storm near where...
...this coastal storm formed.
May can't come too soon....

Stay tuned.
Enjoy the weather.... 
... if you don't like it there is always Netflix
Or Youtube depending on your prefernce.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter on Instagram.


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