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Monday, January 26, 2015

How Much Snow Did We Get? It's Not Over Til It's Over... We Will KNOW if it WAS HISTORIC... only in the rear view mirror..

Nowhere in NYC looks more beautiful in snow than Crown Heights and parts of Brooklyn. The snow against the brown stones... Eastern Parkway, Ocean Parkway... stunning always.

Note the snow in these pictures is from this morning's snow before the blizzard began.

The irony of this storm, historic or otherwise, is that it won't ramp up until the most avid follower of TWC falls asleep........

I would say "if a tree falls in a blizzard will anyone notice if they are hunkered down inside??" except you will know when you wake up tomorrow morning and are either snowed in or annoyed it was much to do about nothing.

Easy to laugh this off and say the storm fell apart. The stronger energy part went out to sea and the rest of it is hauling ... winter weather towards Cape Cod and Boston and beyond.You can see in the image the two parts that look a lot like several wayward hurricanes from 2014..

As I blow this while waiting for the next model run to come out... I'm watching the WV Loop.

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

You can see the storm winding up, the cold weather coming down the backside.
The snow bands about to move towards New York City... and Long Island.

The NWS for New York City says this about that...

There is discussion that the storm will move slower than forecast by some models and..
it "persistent banding may stall along the NYC & Hudson River"

That is a "may" with a "should" thrown in there...however...

The NWS has the final call & we need to heed the call.
Stay home, hunker down and see what daylight brings.
Unless you are a hardcore weather person you will will be reading this in the morning.. 

You cannot call a storm HISTORIC until AFTER it has made HISTORY.

It is historic in that the subways and streets of NY are closed...

This is what "Juno" looks like............

That's a massive system. 

Put it in motion...

Take a minute... and let that animation wash over you and see what is happening in real time.

One part is moving away, there is a LARGE expansive wind field and it's hooking in to Cape Cod.

New York WILL get snow.... yes but historic I don't think so.

I can be wrong. I'm a hurricane girl more than a snow girl.. but I can read a water vapor loop!

Radar Loop:

Maybe it's hype and maybe it's not.

When you have 28 Million People under a Blizzard Warning...THAT IS HISTORIC

Right now all eyes are all Nantucket that has had winds in the 70 mph range.

Nantucket has sustained winds in 40s and gusts into 60s and 70s.

Twitter feed is ablaze this evening making fun of low snow totals in NYC
(NWS says it will snow stronger overnight & be white out conditions in AM...)

Parts of CT are currently getting 4 inches per hour in a strong band.

It's all a matter of perspective.

From my daughter's deck... drifting snow. 
3 feet in one part, inches in another...

If you are under a band of snow... it's snowing heavy.
If the wind picks up and blows it about... you're impressed.

We can Monday Morning Quarterback on Tuesday Morning...
The snow totals... may be deflated.........

Hey they keep saying it not me... the Patriots caught their plane out of Dodge..

As always the most beautiful view is the global view looking down on Planet Earth.. any season...

Stay tuned...


Ps...sweet tropical dreams...........if you can dream tropical tonight.


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