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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Winter 2014-2015. Grab Bag of Winter Excitement

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All eyes are on storms heading East from the West Coast this week. And, snow lovers are watching the long term forecasts to see if the holidays will hold a snowy present for Southerners. People in New England really do not wish for snow, but those in the Carolinas and Georgia look longingly towards Senor El Nino and hope he keeps them in mind for just a day or two.

Yes, an El Nino is forming but which type of El Nino will he be is the question.

For now the flow is from West to East with not much diving down from Canada. That will not last forever and December will see the temperature slip slowly downward.

The Atlantic Ocean has a sort of Parrot looking feature and sun is peaking out in Raleigh this morning for the first time since my brother left last week.

Every time the family from Miami comes up for a holiday the weather is picture perfect and they look at me like "what are you always complaining about?" then they leave and the gray days of November and December move back in as if they are mocking me.

Today it's beautiful. The wind started blowing last night so strong that I fell asleep watching the tall pine trees dancing back and forth in the bright moonlight.

So as I watch the short term forecast for the North East with snow on the way and messy travel I wonder if snow will get below the Mason Dixie Line anytime soon.

This image is updated in real time from

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Jack Frost has slipped south, but that's not the same as Old Man Winter showing his craggy face.

scover.gif (768×496)

The snow is up there in those Great Lake Cities where it should be and out West in Colorado, but it's moving East.

According to Caleb Weatherbee there is no real snow in the forecast through January for the South or the part of the South that I'm talking on.... 

You can check out there site online. 

Personally I like a few of my closer weather friends who I believe are right.

The truth is if you want to see snow... you got to go to where the snow is.. 

Weather is a lot like love, follow it with all your heart or it will get away from you.

And, if you like sunshine and balmy breezes in December then go south to Miami where it's June all year round . . .

Miami from the beaches to Wynwood... everything is on display this week.

While in Miami go over to what used to be Tropical Park and visit Santa's Enchanted Forest...

A nice story on the one constant in South Florida... beautiful weather in December... 


And now....

Again....pick the weather you like and go to it...

If you like the mountains and enjoy a Southern way of life... travel to Asheville

I's like Vegas.......... you only win if you own the house ;)

Choose where you want to be and who you want to be and hit the road Jack if Jack Frost and Senor Nino is not bringing you the weather you like... pack your own bag with the weather you desire!!

Besos Bobbi
Ps... Planning on being up here through Chanukah... maybe... and then Miami

Ps I hate Beethoven. Just putting it out there cause some people do love mother did and more than one old boyfriend.


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