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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Snow in Raleigh... Chanukah Present from Mother Nature

This picture is as vintage a picture of this part of NC when it snows...

I woke up this morning to snow falling outside my window. It wasn't really in the forecast, as weather people have been insisting that temperatures would be too warm. Personally, I'm always skeptical when temperatures are that close to freezing. A few degrees here or there and the warm wedge can slip aside allowing snow to fall.. and it did.

To set the picture, my bed is near the window. I like it that way as I can ... look out the window at the sky, the trees and the squirrels driving my neighbor crazy. It's not aesthetically the best place for the bed, but it works for me. Okay, it's a little cold in the winter... but so worth it on a morning like this one. I pushed the lacy curtains aside and peaked out to see if it was raining yet. A few white specs of what looked like Styrofoam fell to the ground. I wondered briefly what the squirrels were doing on the roof that was creating this effect. Suddenly I WOKE UP.. and the dots or rather flakes began to connect. IT WAS SNOWING!  I ran to the front door, pulled it open and ... snow... like in the movie White Christmas where it starts to snow at the end of the movie. Obviously... it wasn't the type of snow that sticks but really who cares? Chanukah, Shabbos morning when we sleep late and relax there's snow in the daytime...falling faster now.

What's a girl to do?

I ran to my step-daughter's bedroom and banged on the door "ARIEL WAKE UP ITS SNOWING!!" and if that didn't wake my daughter Rivky, I banged her door as well with the news. Ariel is in this week from Arizona where it doesn't snow much in Scottsdale and she really wanted to see snow for Chanukah. Rivky goes to State, and is sure it's going to be a cold winter and will definitely snow but yeah she joined us at the front door. We stood there, 3 very excited stunned girls staring up at the snow. Rivky said quietly, "it's magical" and that pretty much sums it up. Note, I did not wake up my husband who is from upstate New York and went skiing every day after school in the winter like we go to the beach in Miami. I'm pretty sure he was awake...or was when I came back to bed to lie by my window staring up at the snow falling, falling, falling... white flakes magically into the yard he was definitely awake.

There are pictures online at where everyone in Raleigh who is not used to snow (meaning transplanted Southerners) were acting as if it was a blizzard...when it really was light snow were sending in pictures all morning. As it's the Jewish Sabbath for me... I just sat by the window smiling from ear to ear.  The picture above is typical Raleigh... or near Raleigh posted on the WRAL site.

I'm from Miami. I still think it's magical. I'm still amazed every time it snows. It doesn't happen that much in Raleigh, a few times a year at the most and often late at night.

What a Chanukah present!

As for the upcoming winter.... what's next?

The models show a storm moving towards NYC....though for now the forecast is for a rain and wind, however Friday morning there was no mention of snow in the forecast for Saturday morning so...stay tuned...

Will it be as bad a winter as people say or will it come in like a lion and go out like a lamb?

Only time will tell.

For me I'm still excited as normally the closest I get to my snow globe...

Besos Bobbi


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