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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weather .. News..Storms.. Dorner.. State of My Union

Maybe I should write a manifesto.

What would I call it?

Silly with Sam.
Playing with Peter.
Dredging Up a Mystery
Storm Chasing Indeeed!

The list goes on.... the beat goes on.

I listened to KFI last night... a bit of KTLA... a bit of a few LA News Channels which got to tell you is like a trip down memory lane for a woman who lived in LA in the 80s. Lord all those traffic reports and incidents and it's amazing the whole city does not go stark raving mad. But, I was young and crazy and busy and having a blast in so many ways. Of course I was having a blast until... I no longer was and my past came crashing back in on me... but like I usually do I refused to believe the obvious and kept on dancing.

I loved LA. Said that before here... will say it again. I was away from Miami Memories until I wasn't... and even then with all those funky tall palm trees and strange people wandering around Melrose and the Sunset Strip and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Ambassador Hotel with all it's ghosts of the 20s wandering in and out of the Tea Room... oh I loved LA. Ports of Call, stupid mall in Torrance where it was suggested we go watch the carousel go round and round and round... and the view from Signal Hill... the view from Santa Monica Pier... the view from the Magic Castle. You need time to take in LA like a native.. you can't really do it in a day or a week.. you need to discover it slowly like the Tar Pits in August when you are 9 months pregnant and playing hooky from work on Wilshire. Or the Farmers Market... gee... wondering who I was bumping into while testing oranges... there's a weird thought. Or working on a back lot and sharing the food truck with people making funky movies on a then B label or passing the A & M Records office while looking for Tofutti... or eating Tofutti (soft serve) at the Rodeo Collection.   Hey if you were gonna live in LA... best to do it in the Disco 80s.

If you are wondering where the weather is... I'll get around to it. But, don't you know it never rains in Southern California.  They lie... never believe a song writer.. it rains and then the hill side goes sliding down the hill and the mud slides begin and then Pacific Coast Highway gets shut down and Malibu is a muddy mess.

LA is a funny place.

The LA Riots after Rodney King were not funny... nor were the "Super Bowl Riots" in Miami funny and they had nothing to do with the Super Bowl other than every reporter in the world was there to cover the Riots that Super Bowl Weekend.

I'm not the biggest conspiracy person around though I think whatever they are spraying up there in the skies that cause CHEMTRAILS mess with my allergies, asthma and sometimes give me massive headaches when I should not normally get a headache. Something not normal about the public ignoring something that is not normal and unprecedented and not wondering what is up there. I mean... we worry on Global Warming but we are not worried on Local Chemtrails which seem to be everywhere not just locally.  But, then again I ignored the obvious back in the 80s in LA didn't I?

People don't want to deal with things so they ignore them...    if you have to wash off your car after a particularly bad chemtrail day you should be wondering what's in the chemtrails? In Miami when we are going to have an African Dust Storm posing a threat we are warned... and yet on any sunny day when the satellites show a sunny day my skies get covered over milky white after twenty minutes of criss crosses in the sky ...for no apparent reason. I'd like to know the reason... I'd like a heads up .. I'd like to understand why we ignore the obvious...

Makes a pretty sunset... they don't go away like normal contrails... why?

Better to live in denial? I guess...

This whole rant on chemtrails is for my friend who has been having strange illnesses which get worse on days when the chemtrails are worse. First you feel sick...then you look outside and there are chemtrails everywhere... sort of like when I worked in LA and NEVER got headaches and got my Miami Headache and ran to the window and looked East towards downtown and McArthur Park and the sky was covered with Miami Clouds... Thunderstorms hanging low over LA and voila my Miami Headache.  Cause and Effect are always connected..

North Hills Malls.. Chemtrails... sky looked like Zorro was doing Air Graffiti in the sky ... in less time than it took for my Chai Latte to go cold the sky was milky white..  Not Contrails.. Chemtrails..there IS a difference. Just like a London Fog does not taste like a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Notice the pattern here... two different days.. months apart...same pattern...same result.. cloudy skies afterwards, milky white..

The picture above is about 3 months earlier in Chapel Hill. Everyone at the gas station was in a rush except for the man nearby who was also watching them... he said, "they cause cancer you know?" and I said.. "not sure what they cause, but that is NOT normal" and as a sky watcher who has been watching clouds since I was old enough to look out the window... I know that is not normal and as a writer trained as a reporter... I want to know WHAT they are... WHO is doing it and WHY...

Back to the weather.. for the weather... Active pattern in the US this coming week for the Northern Tier of the country. Ice on Great Lakes... possible snow storm... 3 lows dancing across the projected weather maps.

A link from one of my favorite weather pages:

Shows the week's progression of systems across the US.

As for the progression of my messy mind...

I spent the day yesterday looking through old IMs from 1998... AOL posts from 1997 and 96... emails from the 90s from Greece (long ones) and have a book of printed out letters which should be published in parts as musings from writers in deep discussions concerning past life times and recipes and weather maps and hurricane discussion but no I could not find what I was looking for......

But .... I did see the linkage and I did smile so it seems as the saying goes "one day we will look back at this and laugh"    I laughed... shook my head and giggled.


It's winter... late winter and winter is all the rage in the North half of the country. In the South half we are seguing into Spring with severe weather.

One son saw the Eiffel Tower last night ... one son saw the Miami Heat win their 1,000th Game.. my daughter most

The Arab Spring has segued to an Arab Winter that is blanketing the Middle East with violence and future political problems with a Post Colonial Map of the area unraveling faster than we can make foreign policy decisions. My quote.. my husband is reading me an article by Thomas Friedman and I'm thinking I miss Tom's sister's brownies... man does she bake a mean brownie. Yes...the world is unraveling fast in real time and it's harder to control the middle east than to take out a Cop Killer in LA in a cabin in the woods when the sheriff is told to stop tweeting and the helicopters are told to take a hike and the people with the guns are in control.

(Political note..sorry.. degree in International Relations..remember? Read my bio..)

I'm guessing Winter will have one last mean blow out sometime in March before we start waxing poetic and counting down the days til the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins.

Maybe I'll make a list for tomorrow... top 10 "love" moments for Valentines Day.. or top 10 men I've known in my life.. (hmmmmnnn men... man... can go with that, not in denial there... ) and maybe  not.

The State of My Union is thus...

Going "home" to Miami very soon... though "home" is a sliding target these days and they say home is where the heart is...   a woodpecker on the roof really does sound like Woody Woodpecker which reminds me of Woody which reminds of Woogy which is somewhere my mind does not want to go.

So... taking my messy mind and going to make plans for the day...and for tomorrow and going to watch the weather on TWC and some ESPN hoping to catch some videos of last nights game (how bout that Alabama story huh?) and going to watch the news and read some poetry and write some thing other than my blog or a story for someone else and going to read this article carefully and watch the video because I keep my promises and I promised a friend...

(note after the Government lied TWICE that the astronauts in BOTH Space Shuttle accidents died immediately and were vaporized and we found out both times they knew otherwise.. I have a problem with believing everything I hear from government sources... I like to double and triple check my sources personally)

How's your weather today?
(one of the best sites around for weather links ... make your home town your home page.. links down on the bottom right.. he should move that up higher.. more people would see it!)

Hope you like it...

A manifesto from a messy meteorological mind lol... and memories of things that are best left unsaid.. at least by me. I'm not that good writing screenplays or novels ...but maybe one day...who knows for sure?

Besos Bobbi... peek a boo Bobbi ;)


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