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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras Weather... Thunderstorms Possible. Snow in Oklahoma, Drama in Big Bear

What a day. Don't you just love news days like this? Korean Bomb Test was NOT an earthquake. Wow.. I feel so much better. Mardi Gras...  sweet. Love praline anything...  And, wicked weather setting up for this evening in the Deep South. If there is not enough... it's snowing in Oklahoma where I have a friend who is going snow crazy and am getting ready to enjoy a nice quiet Mardi Gras dinner before watching the President speak..

Brie baked in a whole to do with Pecan Pie Ice Cream and Honey Bourbon Praline topping.. it's not that I don't like the Chinese New Year, but I'm a Southern Girl and Mardi Gras is special. How bout those Koreans shooting off rockets for the Chinese New Year... there's spirit for you!

M5.1 Nuclear Explosion - 24km ENE of Sungjibaegam, North Korea

Earthquake location 41.307°N, 129.076°E

Back in the USA... Mardi Gras is usually a beautiful day for a party...though so often the weather gets funky.

Today they are on the edge of a box watch for possible Severe Weather.  Personally, I think that the areas to the Northeast of Nola will get strong weather. Jackson, Mississippi vs Jackson Square might just be the place to look for stronger weather.

Further North and West it is snowing in Oklahoma. Should be a song about that. There's a song about rain and twisters and one of my favorite country songs "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma" but is there one for snow?  good weather coverage always...

As for music...  <---- carrie="" nbsp="" p="" song...="" underwood="">
Love this song... meanwhile the snow will move East through Arkansas and the severe weather should move east towards Atlanta and South Carolina. Should is a funny word when talking weather forecasts, which are not always perfectly right but often close enough.

I've heard a rumor that we might get "flakes" late Saturday or Sunday.. doubt it but if I miss snow flakes am gonna be pissy at least until I get to the Florida line.. and see my first palm tree up close and personal.

We love weather. It's just who we are... binds us together like snow flakes piling up on the lawn, a white carpet of frozen sea foam..

Shame to rain on the Mardi Gras parade, but it's happened before...

In California... at the other end of the I-10... and a bit to the north is Big Bear... a beautiful place to go if you love snow and who doesn't love snow?  Okay...there is LOVING SNO and liking it in a ways.

I think it's pretty clear where I stand on this..

Of course, I love hurricanes.

Let's just say I am a "Weather Girl" or woman... at some point you DO become a woman right?

Weather there is typical for what you would find for this time of year.

No snow storms due for the rest of the that's good if there is indeed a long stake out involved.

Dorner seems to be holed down in a cabin... but what do we know for sure? Hard to say so we will keep watching. (best source for any news LA related... )

Really there?

Does this play out like some Hawaii Five-0 episode or what?

And, tonight in DC... far from the fray in Big Bear and far from the party in Nola... the President will give the State of the Union Address.

Big day for news..

As for me... going to watch FOX and CNN and TWC and hunker not with guns but with honey bourbon ;) and listening to a beautiful song that means a lot to me. Heard it for the first time when living in LA... long time passing... used to eat at me and make me wonder on life.. life and the distance of time and location. Tells a story... if you listen.

Some stories start way before most people think they do... and some stories never end and go on for ever...

Music is like that... it's like raindrops on a warm summer night or snow falling at sunrise.

You're the reason God made Oklahoma...

What's that stupid line in the old boat movie? A woman's heart is an ocean of secrets?

Well something like that ;)

Besos Bobbi...  Sweet Snowy Dream..


Love that CD :)


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