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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Got a Cold From the Cold... Day The Music Died...

A few days ago was the infamous day that the music died. I read a great post online and posting it here for everyone to read. It's not just a song or a legend... or a paper back novel.  It happened. A snowy day in early February ... a weather report that was valid but did not have the most recent information and a cold field in Iowa.

Please read the story from the link above... a little of it is below:

"The plane, piloted by 21 year old Roger Peterson took off from Mason City, Iowa in cold but decent weather at 1:05 a.m. But according to Sean Potter in an excellent article in this month’s Weatherwise magazine, he did not receive all of the weather information that he needed. A cold front was moving southeastward across North and South Dakota.

As Peterson checked the weather along the route of his flight to Fargo, North Dakota. The terminal forecast for Fargo called for snow showers, but nothing that would prevent Peterson from making the flight. He was only rated for visual flight rules. But Potter reports that Peterson was not given two important flash reports from Minneapolis and Kansas City. The first warned of areas of snow with visibilities less than 2 miles, which would be marginal VRF conditions. The report from Kansas City warned of freezing drizzle and icing over much of Iowa."
buddy holly, buddy holley, buddy holly portrait

"the three men I admired most, the father son and the holy ghost..they caught the last train for the coast ..the day ...the music died..."

Who does not hear those lyrics in their mind on lonely nights while listening to old songs and remembering old times?

The first time I heard that song I was in a car... driving through the dark on a night with full moon shining down on the Everglades with a one day politician but still an annoying best friend.. a new song came on. We had been squabbling over something as we usually did in our on special way and they announced on the radio they were playing a new song... with a long version and while his mind was on one thing and mine was on another the song began to play...   Not sure what it meant to him, but I can bet he knew what I was thinking as I listened to the song about the music dying.  We were it seems both wrong :)   Wasn't about Martin Luther King Jr and Bobby and Jack. It wasn't about old boyfriends and girl friends and dreams of the past. It wasn't about Marilyn Monroe or James Dean... or lost love and marching bands marching away ... it was about a group of singers before our time who died in their prime ...

"Did you write the Book of Love and do you have faith in God, above? 
If the Bible tells you so 
Now, do you believe in Rock and Roll? Can music save your mortal soul? And... 
Can you teach me how to dance real slow? 
Well, I know that you're in love with him, 'cause I saw you dancing in the gym 
You both kicked off your shoes - man, I dig those rhythm and blues "

It was Homecoming dance and the jester ran off with the homecoming queen as we drove west away from the dance that I insisted I did not want to go to... we never danced slow... and he knew that I was in love with him because he saw us dancing in the gym... and yet there we were ... a year later riding in the moonlight, listening to history being made and it was perfect. Even if we got the meanings of the lyrics wrong ...or if they meant something different to both of us... either way... the music had died.

Oh what a time it was... and it was our time... Fall of 1971... Don McLean, American Pie.

Then again........... I so loved Vincent... what a song.

I didn't want to be at the dance, because the guys from 1971 were gone... and so was my beloved, best friend and I was where I wanted to be... with one of my best friends... kinda boyfriends... driving fast in the moonlight listening to the radio and a new song...    then again he was always partial to the Monkees ...

Daydream believer and a Homecoming Queen... perfect song... as was the Day the Music Died.

Where were you the day the music died? The first time you heard that cryptically, soul filled song?

Hey... I have a son who is 21 and it's one of his favorite songs...

Timeless.. like love.

As for me..............

Contrary to what they tell you at TWC... as much as I love the weather...sometimes it doesn't love me.. People DO get sick when the weather is bad... sorry but it is true. Especially when you are prone to allergies and bronchitis and wheezing in the night.

I caught a cold from the cold weather last week and been working my way through various stages of a sinus infection...ear ache, possible sore throat and some allergy problems. I do love the snow and the little moments of winter weather when I am up in North Carolina...however... it doesn't always love me.

I think I hear Miami calling me ... whispering my name in the breeze ... soon, one way or the other I'll be on Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, you can find me with turquoise nail polish that smells of the ocean and smiling at the water.  For now... I'm smiling in my mind.

And, it was a beautiful day here today though it's cold in New York. The kids up in Crown Heights are dealing with snowy sidewalks and picturesque images on Eastern Parkway.

So, give me a day or two and I'll be back hopefully with some weather musings...rather than musical musings. However... weather is forever tied up with the day the music died...

Besos Bobbi

Ps...............Ironically....when I think of the Monkees I don't think of the daydream believer or the boys of 71...  but another friend of ours and how he would talk about the Monkees... and how he would pretend to drum out songs in Jr. High ... and I didn't go to the Homecoming Dance with him either...  cause the homecoming queen ran away with the daydream believer into my own musical history :)

Which song did I post? The Lion or the Tiger or the Ram?


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