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Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunshine in Miami --- Troubles in the Tropics

There's trouble in the tropics for forecasters who have the difficult job of tracking a storm that models show will do loop de loops in the Atlantic before veering sharply left and slamming into some coastal town.  Of course, the more time that goes by... there is always a chance it lingers long enough and goes out to sea like most storms this time of year that form close in.

Now if you were a forecaster....what would you do? How would you write a forecast and discussion?

As for me, I will most likely be driving through Beryl on my way up north just as I drove through Alberto on my way down south, hard to believe but ironically funny.  It won't be so funny if NC gets hit while I am in Florida... who knows.... definitely  not Beryl who has not been named just yet even though everyone is toiling away trying to figure out which way she goes when she gets a name.

Hurricane Beth in 1971 formed in a similar location in a slow season in August, one of the worst Augusts of my life I may add... and did the normal sort of two step off to Nova Scotia and the wide open Atlantic.

That was then, this is now. That was August, this is late May. A big difference between May of 1971 and August of 1971 and a big difference in predicting what any system will do when it forms early and steering currents are unset and unpredictable.

Luckily, I'm just BobbiStorm enjoying a beautiful morning on the patio watching the orange butterflies and sipping Nespresso and waiting for my best friend to come by and go wander around a Whole Foods somewhere before starting the Jewish Holiday of Shavous.

I will be away from the computer from tonight at sundown until Monday evening, so by the time I am back online we will know just what Beryl did ...if she forms.

Great sites to use are: which is one of the best sites around.. great home page and great posters on the boards. with it's forum.

Skeetobite and the NHC have your back.

I'll try and post later today but it's still too early to tell just what will be.

I love Miami. I love Hollywood Florida too.... many places in Florida ...especially the Keys. There is nowhere like Florida. I have lived in California, trust me.... it's got nothing on Florida. And, seriously if you want a natural disaster... pick one you can plan for.  That said, life in California was wonderful it's just the Florida is that much wonderful.  Next in line is Savannah and Myrtle Beach and I don't even play golf. I just love MB the same way I love where I was raised in MB, FL.

Ever want to read a great book, pick of River of Grass and learn more about this paradise we call home and what is was like before it was overrun with strip centers and parking lots.

File:Everglades River of Grass.jpg

She could write about a hurricane like no one could even touch... and still, in the backyard while watching a palm frond fritter and the sun bouncing off the leaves of the mango trees while big, purple plum like fruit hang sweetening on the tree and the breeze from not so far away Biscayne Bay blows this way... you can close your eyes and picture what it was like to live here then... or live here now.  Nothing has really changed.

I love it.

I love a lot of places and I have kids all over the place these days so I travel a lot, but there is nowhere like home and this is my home, my Kansas, my spot on the beautiful globe that looks like a blue marble spinning silently in space.

Besos Bobbi

"All we need, really, is a change from a near frigid to a tropical attitude of mind."
Marjory Stoneman Douglas


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