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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Complicated Mess -- 60% Chances of Development

TC Activity

Possibly higher as they have upped the ante to a big RED circle off the coast of Florida.

The models show a very complicated mess that must be making forecasters slurp Mylanta like it's mother's milk.

Now that's perfectly normal:

Let's see what tomorrow's model runs show.

The rain suddenly wrapped up and departed the area around 2pm... around the time this system began to congeal off the coast of Florida.

May I point out that there is STILL a lot of  energy left behind over Cuba, but for now let's worry on what will most likely at some point be Tropical Storm Beryl.

The energy left behind around 21n and 81w is still down there and still bothers me.

For now... going to enjoy the clear skies and figure the guys will go golfing tomorrow morning.

As for me... going to wait and see what the next model runs show...

Sweet Tropical Dreams,



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