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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tropical Storm Rita Weakening Slowly

Tropical Storm Rita is weakening slowly over the tip of the Yucatan as she moves North at 7 mph. This movement is forecast to stop and change directions and go south. Where she was once forecast to go left and then right, now she is forecast to go south again. Eventually she is expected to die out and diminish in intensity over the Caribbean Basin.

Oddly it is pulsing up again and looks better now than it did a few hours ago. I suppose that's an illusion or there is some explanation for it.

I'm not sure why ... other than November storms often do this dance... she still has an ample moisture supply to the SW of her and I'd think she's gonna rain over areas that don't need rain a little bit longer.

The front is moving very slowly and seems slower every day. When I say slow I mean the dipping south part, not the part that moves west to east. The NE should get really wintry weather.

Here in South Florida we are not expecting any significantly cooler weather for the next several days. Again, as I said the other day I did not see the front zooming through South Florida on Friday...and it isn't. Temps in the Mid 80s during the day, Mid 70s at night. Nice.

Of course in the house here the AC is on really strong and it's cold, cold, cold. Got a pregnant woman here and she likes it cold. Hey I know how she feels... I was pregnant a few times and I kept it set for cold and colder too!!

A few areas to watch but nothing that is going to go pop in the middle of the night so hang back, relax and watch Rina fade slowly away. I guess.

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