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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hurricane Rina Hanging In.... Forecast to Fall Apart

Despite being forecasted to fall apart, she has an odd way of pulsing up over and over again. The green on Funktop is back in the center and making me wonder when exactly and why she would be falling apart. Also wondering why she pulses up and down, she's an interesting storm to watch.

The front is moving but it seems to be more flat than digging and also hangs back and moves east again. Eventually it is forecast to dip down.

Meanwhile, Rina is still down there doing her thing...totally stubborn and tougher than she looks I guess and not budging until she is ready to budge.

Miami is out of the cone. Key West is almost out of danger. At this rate I'm wondering is she will cause Cuba problems or sit down there and then loop back up with the next front. Who knows? The NHC has low confidence still in their long term forecast.

More so a little curious on the increased convection in the wave known as 97 to the SW of her. Now, if he developed the way some models earlier in the week forecasted he that would be something interesting.... time will tell.

Keep watching.... and enjoy the weather wherever you are...

Besos Bobbi


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