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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tropical Possibilities

There is a small possibility that one of those wayward, westbound tropical waves might develop down the road when it gets near the Yucatan and into the Gulf of Mexico.

Not saying it's a long shot, but we have to wait and watch right now as the models are playing with the various possibilities. An even slimmer chance that it could affect drought stricken Texas. Florida is safe for now because of the strong, immense high pressure that is strung out across Florida and over parts of the Gulf of Mexico.

A friend made an excellent video that is available on youtube, it's worth watching.

For now, we sit and we bake in Miami from the high pressure. The good part of the high pressure is that we are also enjoying it's beautiful, strong, steady breeze. So, go out and sit a spell by the water, relax, enjoy today because down the road in August or September, that same strong, steady flow may bring us a Cape Verde storm.

One of the things to remember when living in the tropics is to enjoy every day and it's tropical pleasures because one way or the other we are living on borrowed time.

Of course, Tampa's time is way overdue...

Besos Bobbi


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