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Friday, June 10, 2011

Spinning, flowing, watching the water vapor loop and smiling...

Watching the Water Vapor spin about over and over as it loops about watching one area of the atmosphere flow into another. It's awesome.

Air comes diving down from panhandle of Oklahoma into the mid-section of the country zoom, zoom, zooming down into the Gulf of Mexico where it swirls about draws moisture up from the Caribbean and shoots it towards the Gulf Stream where it feeds down and then up over towards England and Ireland and who knows where else it goes as I have to switch satellites.

It's beautiful. A perfect illustration of how energy is transferred from one place to another, back and forth, like great conversation or synonymous smiles across the miles.

Yes, in a wild mood today and yet it's a quiet, wild mood. One where I sit and smile and stare and giggle and roll my eyes and then try to once again focus on the important things in life, but alas what is more important than smiles? Hmmmnn? And, pondering on the wonders of the world both the infinite wonders and the finite wonders.

So, as I sit and watch it swirl I think how much it's like the human body. The heart with all it's chambers and ins and outs that confounded me in biology when I was a girl in school. I mean is blood green or red or ... The water vapor loop is whatever color they use to highlight the moisture, sometimes it glows red and other times it's all black and white.

Isn't it amazing? Keeps our planet livable and lovable and today I'm in love with every aspect of this beautiful world and all fields of Earth Science and flowers blooming and birds singing and the mysteries of the universe.

Stay tuned... the Hurricane Season is developing . . .

Sweet Tropical Dreams

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