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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slim Chances In the Caribbean & Funny TWC Commercials

First off, there is a 20% chance for development in the Caribbean or really in the Gulf of Mexico as we have a tropical wave that is crossing over the Yucatan in search of some place to have some tropical fun. Chances are slim, really not very probable but there is a small possibility.

There is also an excellent read on the specific weather conditions that have made this year one to remember. Be it forest fires, floods or twisters in major cities somewhere, the meteorological violence keeps on coming as Mother Nature seems to be on a rampage this year. Many are beginning to worry on what sort of Hurricane Season we will have this year and if the rampage will continue in the tropics. One article was released recently, referring to this problem as La Nada. It is being highly criticized by some, and appreciated by others as some try to take a stab at figuring out just what has caused this pattern of severe weather from coast to coast.

Now, to make y'all laugh ;)

There is a really funny commercial put out by The Weather Channel for those people who love to love Jim Cantore unless he is on the way to their beach town.

Enjoy and if you see Jim Cantore on a beach near you, ask him what he is doing there before you run for the hills!

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