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Monday, June 13, 2011

Nothing Happening.... so going to the beach...

Yep, my version of "Gone Fishing" if you know what I mean?

No dance classes today on my schedule, hot and heavy, humidity persist throughout the city and the beach is calling me. Maybe I am just trying to wash away the sadness that the Miami Heat did not win the big one, yet they won a lot more and went further than I thought they would and well.. have always been a football girl at heart ;)

I'm a Miami girl. We love the water, the breeze, the blue, blue sky and water and that thin line in between that some people call the horizon but to me is a point of focus, an illusion really... much like those wavy lines on the road on a hot summer day. The closer you get, the further away it gets. A visual form of eternity.

And, I need the breeze to blow the cobwebs out of my brain.

Planning a trip in a few weeks somewhere with my youngest son and possibly going away with my hurricane crazy friend as well. Somewhere with good wifi...

So, enjoy the day... Enjoy the week.

Personally, I give it one good week until things are a little more viable for tropical storm development. We have some nice little waves coming off of Africa, but fading fast as soon as they hit the water. Then they flare up again just before crashing into the coast of South America. They need to lift a bit... strong high steering them west and that will all change in a few weeks.

So, as my daddy used to say... "You got to do what you got to do" so do it with a smile and a song in your heart and know that pretty soon we will be watching things spinning around the tropics.

If you need a weather story you could track the floods as the snow pack melts it's way down south through the mid-section of the country. Nasty flooding out there, getting worse by the day.

Or loop and stare:

As for me... I got to go to the beach so.... stay tuned, don't go away too long and check back here soon because this is the week most tropical meteorologists go away with their families before the tropics start to pop as we get closer to July.

June is too soon silly ;)

Besos BobbiStorm


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