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Monday, June 27, 2011

Dwindling Chances For Development... 20% & Manic Monday Thoughts

So, the chances are still there for a meager chance of development in the Tropics, however they are murky and meager and I wouldn't hold your breath for any rain from it in Texas . . .

Texas is one of those tropical ports of call wishin for rain of any kind . . .

Here in Miami we got doused last night with a downpour that caused minor flooding in the North Miami Beach area and of course Aventura. I sat in the Whole Foods around dinnertime yesterday watching the locals run for their car with their groceries through ankle deep puddles trying to avoid being zapped by deadly lightning strikes. You can always tell the Yankees in the crowd, the transplanted New Yorkers who are running about with their umbrellas in the middle of a Severe Thunderstorm as if they are walking slowly down Madison Avenue in Mid-November. What do they not get I try to figure out. Do not walk through a parking lot with an umbrella at the height of a thunderstorm. This is the tropics, take a few minutes, breathe, wait it out, it will pass I promise.

I do so love summer in Miami. Waiting and watching as the heat builds up, until it breaks suddenly as a thunderstorm sweeps in from the Glades and washes over the Magic city. Whoosh, it's gone. There is this moment of miraculous relief and the realization that you'll have to take your sandals off to run through the puddles to your car before the next storm begins. Or if you prefer, you spend the day at the Mall in ice cold air conditioning wandering through the aisles during the last few days of the Victoria Secrets sale. My best friend is a Mainer, she prefers air conditioning and staying inside during such humid, tropical weather. Another friend is a water nymph like me and we sat in the pool late on the day on Saturday as Shabbos ended, the palm trees swayed gently, the sky turned an odd shade of burnt sienna as the sun hid between what seemed to be distant thunderstorms and faraway smoke from some distant fire in the glades. I'm not sure what caused the incredible sunset but it was like a scene from a movie but around the pool it felt like the Garden of Eden with just a few of us discussing biblical history, philosophy and love. Really, was a magical Miami moment.

And, yet at the back our minds is the hurricane season. I overheard my brother freaking out about how possible hurricanes would affect his new Internet service contract with Comcast. He was a little hyper and worried and I didn't want to mention that when the avocado tree in the backyard takes out the phone lines and the electric lines he probably won't have much Internet to worry on ...but... I stayed out of that dogfight. Not sure who won but he is finally switching over to Comcast, one of the last holdouts. I smiled as I remember sitting on the computer in the office during Wilma and suddenly the realization hit me that the Internet was gone, even though my laptop battery kept the laptop humming away quietly. One last question, unanswered from my storm chaser friend wanting to know what the lowest barometric pressure we had was and how strong were our winds. Whoosh with the winds went our Internet and our Electric and any semblance of normality.

Yes Virginia, in the back of our minds down here in Florida we are always remembering the hurricane season.

June too soon. July too early. August get ready. Remember September.

I'm wondering if we will have a hurricane to remember come this September.

But, today is just another manic Monday.

I've got things to do on Lincoln Road and downtown and will try to squeeze in some time to write and think between errands as I try to get back home before the afternoon thunderstorms begin.

Wherever you are... have a beautiful day and enjoy the weather...

Besos Bobbi

Loop the following loop with the above song ;)


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