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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Adrian Forms in Pacific, Carib is a Yellow Circle

For some reason that still reminds me of that silly song about tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree which should sort of connect to holding out for something in the Carib to form is like waiting forever.

Truth is when a storm forms in the Pacific it zaps the energy into that basin faster than the Mavericks coming back to take the lead against the Heat. It also ramps up the wind flow and shear in the Carib making it very hard for anything to form. And, yet there still is a small chance that something "could" form...tho it probably won't.

Where would it go IF it formed??

There is low probability in this forecast mind you... still showing it for those who live in Florida and have heard rumors of approaching tropical weather.

Then again this might be the year of storms forming closer in or just about anywhere. Either way I expect a difficult hurricane season for lots of people this year, it's a year Mother Nature has to be reckoned with.

Some good late night reading might be this link to an explanation of how this year isn't going to be a La Nina nor is it going to be an El Nino, it's what we call Neutral which really doesn't mean what it implies. Neutral years can be busy years such as 2005. Just hard to say until they start rolling, the hurricanes that is..

Cliff Notes Version: "Synopsis: ENSO-neutral conditions have developed and are expected to continue at least through
the Northern Hemisphere summer 2011."

Heavier reading on the whole El Nino Vs La Nina:

As for me, going to go to bed with Parrot Fish dancing in my head.
BobbiStorm aka Ms. Storm ;) in a silly, sweet mood just not very sleepy!


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