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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wild Weather Races Through the South

Really wild weather :) Windy, wild storm racing at a forward speed of 80 mph last night in the darkness as people slept and lost their electric all across Georgia from one end of the State Line to the other before sunrise. Another line is now developing and moving through the Carolinas at over 40 mph forward speed with straight line winds in excess of 55 mph.

Before going to bed last night, I looked at the National Radar and thought that parts of Georgia would get meterologically raped today with possible tornadoes or funky, severe, strong, straight line winds. Kept trying to figure out where the cold wind would hit the warm wind coming up from the south and what coastal town might get it this morning... those coastal South Carolina towns I love so much. I was right on who would get hit, was wrong on the timing....

The wind is currently howling here in Raleigh as a developing thunderstorm cell is racing across the city as the bottom part of the frontal boundary is racing across Central Florida. What a late season winter cold front this is turning out to be. There is a Frost Advisory for tonight in the Triangle area and last night I was walking around North Hills on the way to a movie in a tee shirt and short skirt and sandals, the temperature at sundown was 86 degrees though it felt cooler but wonderful.

1,032 storm reports in the last 24 hours, making this the most "prolific" storm day in Weather History according to The Weather Channel...

So, going to go to the gym and dance my little heart out and enjoy what is left of Spring and pray there is a dogwood tree or two still left with blossoms by the time this "weather event" leaves the area. I love the dogwood, azaela festivals all across the south this month. If there was one month a year I could spend in the Carolinas it would be April, which in my case coincides with cleaning and preparing for Passover and hosting a big family reunion.

If you've got the time and money, check it out:

And, as always I wonder on how these long, frontal boundaries dipping down into the Caribbean will play into the Atlantic Hurricane Season which is less than 2 months away.. Also, the Loop Current is hot as the blazes this year so there is the fuel to generate some early season Gulf Storms I would think in climatolgically active areas in May and June.

Just saying...

Besos Bobbi
Ps ...the lights keep flickering.... and Tampa where I would love to be right now is getting nailed by a line of wild storms.


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