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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wind Patterns, New Fire Burning, Aftershocks.... As The World Turns

When I was a little girl my mother watched As the World Turns.

This is my version these days:

The situation is getting worse and there is nothing to stop it from getting more worse, much worse, seriously worse.

I'm not an alarmist, I have not run out and bought liquid Iodide like it has been suggested and I had sushi tonight and hope to have it next week.

Then again am thinking why can't I just eat seaweed and bananas or salty bananas? My ex-husband used to sell Km by Matol, am wondering if it would be good for me to get some because I could use something to keep me up and working when I am tired and falling asleep. Great stuff. Tastes and looks like motor oil, but incredible stuff!

I have my priorities. I'm worried on the Football Season and whether or not radiation could leave me eating veggie sushi rolls :(

I also obsess a bit about the middle east and the sadness of the tragic stabbing to death of a 3 year old boy and a 3 month old baby girl whose neck was slit while she lay sleeping next to her father, who also had his neck slit... it's a sick world out there sometimes and often in Israel. I go on, but it hurts and I think on what I can do to make the world a better place.

I dance and enjoy music and friendship and love.

Life goes on my friend so often says...and so it does.

We cannot give up on life and we cannot stop loving.

Vapor is coming out from the broken pipe and most likely that vapor has radiation in it and it is being released into the air and eventually rain will fall with radiation.

Something needs to be done. This is a massive tragedy. But, what can be done?

We can look at our own country and question the logic of putting nuclear reactors near geologically unstable areas.. for a start.

I'm a big believer in dealing with reality. There are five or six reactors, they will all go in a chain, there is nothing right now that can stop that.

We need to look at our own plants, many built by the same people, some newer, some older...

It's time to look at using Shale Oil which we have in abundance and not being reliant on other countries for our energy reserves. Explore the use of Wind Power and let the birds get used to them and go around them. I'd err on the side of some dead birds rather than a dead city from a nuclear explosion at a plant in California built over an active fault line. Solar Power... as a child in Miami I used to take showers with water heated by a solar heater on the roof, most of my friends did..this is a no brainer.

If you dance with a tiger, you are likely to get hurt at some point in time.

Think on it, there are always alternatives, always options...we need to find them. If you don't learn from history you are going to repeat it...

Sweet Dreams Bobbi
Ps 2 aftershocks today in the 6.0 range, tomorrow could bring an 7.0 or an 8.0 and there is a Supermoon on the 19th that could up the ante on Earth's plates... sleep tight.


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