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Friday, March 18, 2011

Supermoon -- Purim -- Spring

So much going on in my life... now I have to worry on the moon?

Seems we are all waiting to see how tomorrow's Supermoon will or won't affect the situation from a geological point of view or a lunicalogical view?? I think I just made up a word.

Some interesting things out there in the media worry on:
Exposed Fuel Rods and children whose parents have not picked them up from school in Japan and most likely never will. Hopefully, a few parents are alive and will show up and find their children alive.

Great little interactive video game that allows you to see how close you live to a nuclear plant, if you haven't already googled that...

Some astrological info on the Supermoon.

Some CNN News:

Wouldn't it be nicer if we could have Superman and not the Supermoon this weekend?

Spring is here in a few days. And, hurricanes can't be far behind Spring.

Tides are affected by this Spring Equinox, even if your behavior isn't. What are the tides of your life I wonder? Aren't we made up of mostly water? I know our planet is made up mostly over water... seriously we could really use Superman now.

And, Purim is here on Sunday! Purim is one of the happiest days of the Jewish Year, when children dress up like ballerinas and superheroes and Mordechai and Queen Esther. We dance, we party, we give thanks for salvation against an evil enemy who wanted to wipe out the Jewish people. It is a sign in ways of Spring, of new chances and life and the inability of evil people to totally overcome and win against their enemies. The bad man is vanquished like a mean, cold winter and joy and light and goodness pours through like sunshine and happiness. Salvation. The victory of good over evil.

It's a holiday very appropriate for these times we live in. It's so easy to focus on the problems, the radioactive cloud that may or may not be floating in the atmosphere towards our homes or that may go poof in the radioactive night. There are bad dictators, bad leaders, evil pirates roaming wild and killing people of peace who were giving bibles to people in Africa. If we don't need "JOY" now when do we need joy???

Seems to me that we need a prescription right now to think positive in both prayer and in how we look at the world in these times, which are not so bad as times in history such as the Plaque, Inquisition or the Ice Age...

Some come on and raise your glass and give thanks and celebrate the rebirth of Spring and Purim this weekend!! And, when you look up at that big, beautiful Supermoon in the sky say a prayer of thanks for living in this beautiful world and all the beauty and love around you. Give thanks for hidden miracles... they happen everywhere!!

Good Shabbos!



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