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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sex and Hurricanes

I find it funny that I came across an article tonight that explains the history of the Sub-tropical Cyclones that are always much maligned and often ridiculed. There is this sense of either it is or it ain't. Is it Parkay or Butter as the commercial goes... Sometimes, you just can't tell but no matter what it is exactly it is a named storm with the National Hurricane Center giving out coordinates and advisories.

Seems way back when, before the birth of being politically correct the word was Neutercane. The early 70s brought a period when you were either on the bandwagon burning your bra or you weren't and alas... they became Sub-tropical Storms which oddly go by the initials STS. Who got the last laugh here I'm wondering.

There is a really nice, brief explanation on today. Main page, good story and worth reading up on before the season starts and we talk on whether the first storm out in the Atlantic is or isn't a real storm.

The beautiful picture above is Nicole in 2004.

Here is another link to a beautiful storm off of the coast of Florida in 2007 named Andrea.

Why I think this is so funny and worthy of being written about tonight as I sit here, trying to unwind listening to Harvey's music and pondering life is that I read several articles today about Elizabeth Taylor and her close friendships with men that were not sexual in nature and her very sexy persona that more than a few times came in to conflict with the Women's Lib movement who felt it was better to burn their bra and not use their sexual charms to fight the battle of the sexes.

A few articles stand out.

And, a long but incredible article about Elizabeth and the women of her era.

She used her charm, her beauty, her talent and her brains.

A woman is or should be equal parts of those traits as well as maternal, loving, strong and independent.

Elizabeth Taylor was some woman.

Many love to make jokes about her many husbands and marriages. But, she did it her way and she was an original. An old-fashioned girl who believed if you were going to sleep with someone you ought to marry them ;) and she did . . .

There is a famous quote by Anais Nin is " I have the right to love many people at once and to change my prince often." I'd say that quote could apply to Elizabeth as much as Anais.

It's said her jewelry is conservatively estimated at 150 million dollars and it's believed except for a few pieces she bought and gave away to friends, all her jewelry was given to her as gifts by her husbands, the men in her lives.

However, her fortune is supposedly worth over $600 million dollars and she had some business head on those beautiful shoulders. She knew how to demand money for a movie and was the first to receive a Million Dollars for a role. Note, she demanded it or rather said this is what she would accept to do the role. Not exactly some 1930s starlet that was pushed around by the studio. So, who was truly liberated the Womens Libbers of the 70s or Elizabeth Taylor? She, like Dolly Parton, used her image in the same way men like Jimmy Buffett do and built a line of perfumes and other ventures that were built around her simply being "Elizabeth Taylor."

So, we can no longer just use women's names for Hurricanes which makes sense as they are not called Himmacanes are they?? No... because some women complained and made a fuss and it wasn't politically correct so in 1979 we were forced to use men's names which brought us Hurricane David in 1979.

Personally, I was always annoyed when they went with men's names. I sort of liked being a woman who could be compared to a hurricane. I'm sorry but Hurricane Mitch just does not have the same image as Hurricane Camille.

Then again, I enjoy being a woman who adores men and has great male friends as well as having been blessed with some great boyfriends... husbands... and I'm never gonna burn my bra or worry on political correctness whether it's on hurricanes or life.

Life is what it is and more so it is what you make it.

Elizabeth Taylor had some life. She lost the love of her life early on and she kept on going. She became a grandmother before she turned 40. She left behind 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, a legacy of friends and fans and she never apologized for being a woman.

I think a Hurricane should definitely be named after her. Maybe she could hit Elizabeth City, North Carolina or Elizabeth City, Maine.

Come on guys... think about it ;)

Just my thoughts on life in this busy evening in the world of news and weather.

Sweet Tropical Dreams

Ps Mel if you are out there, just want to say... been thinking on you, hope you are doing okay!



At 3:35 PM, Blogger Sherri said...

She was also somewhat of a diva, Bobbie. She was in Richmond in the early 80's -- I think she was married to Sen. Warner at the time. She swallowed a chicken bone had was treated in the E/R of the hospital for which I was the Business Manager at the time.

She refused to give any information what so ever -- not even her agent or business manager's name or number. She was treated and released. I had to call her husband's senate office the next day to obtain the information. She had been a real bitch throughout the evening in the E/R. John Warner had her agent call me to tell me just to send the bill to him. Changed a lot of peoples' opinion of her that night. Her magnanimous behavior was pretty much reserved for her celebrity friends and their causes.

At 11:42 PM, Blogger Jay Leonard Schwartz said...

I think this has less to do with her being a woman and more to do with her just being herself, which to me is far more admirable trait that speaks to all sexes. Why 'label' her as a 'woman' when obvioulsy others would find your interpretation of 'woman' demeaning? Does being a 'woman' really have anything to do with whether you choose to burn your bra or not? Is the 'measure of a man' calculated only in inches and/or sexual conquests?

Her star status notwithstanding, what makes her different from 'the girl next door'?

At 1:16 PM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

@Sherri.. I understand how you feel but imagine quite a few people are at their worst in ER and one would expect she would be somewhat of a Diva. I loved her acting, she's one of my all time favorites.

@Jay.. you love to argue anything, you seem to miss the point that many women "enjoy being a girl" vs just a person and the "girl next door" was Betty in Archie when all the guys were drooling over Veronica. Why settle for the "girl next door" when you could dream of Elizabeth Taylor the way she looked and moved in the early 60s. If you can't figure that one out, you just don't get it. And, since you've never been a 38DDD I think I can tell you, a good bra is worth it's weight in gold. Size does matter...and I for one won't be burning no bras anytime soon even if I like to go braless around the house. Deal with it... women who were beautiful and enjoyed the perks were often harassed by women's libbers for putting on make up, bras that were still a big deal in the 60s going into the 70s and you were made to feel like a traitor because if you were popular, beautiful and enjoyed being a "girl" to quote a song.

This blog is not for deep, analytical, discussion nor Arguementative Essays that is your department. Really, some girls just want to have fun, I'm one of them. And, I enjoy being a beautiful, smart woman not just a "person" if you want to be a "person" rather than a Man, it's your choice baby Bro.

At 9:54 PM, Blogger Jay Leonard Schwartz said...

@Bobbi I never drooled over Veronica. I preferred Betty to Veronica, and Mary Anne to Ginger.

“Truly loving another means letting go of all expectations. It means full acceptance, even celebration of another's personhood.” - Karen Casey


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