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Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Canes Today - Gone Fishin

Sorry, but there are no Canes today and I am still waking up so may I say...
Yeah, October 2005 was fun or was that 2006 though I did think on the corn the other day too and smiled. Okay, I was annoyed about something, but I did still giggle.

Key Kaye wrote a great short piece on the new rules and regulations of the Cone from the National Hurricane Center ...

On another front, exhausted from watching coverage of the bombing in Israel yesterday and hoping all my kid's friends were okay, though am sure a lot of other people's kids were not okay. Thank God the kids who hung out at the Meyer House are okay.

Saddened on Elizabeth Taylor's death. She was my favorite actress growing up, idolized her in so many ways.

Great movie, very underrated. No one did Tennessee Williams like she did Tennessee Williams.

How am I doing?? Was this enough of a post for ya? Nah, I don't miss a thing either.

Besos Bobbi
Ps ...don't want to be too ghoulish or Steven King like this morning for ya... going to a funeral for a friend on a nice Spring Day and then doing Brunch my way.

chow for now - me


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