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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Morning...Libya & Japan & Super Moon Coming Up Saturday....

Good Morning!

The suns up, the birds are singing incessantly and it's a sunny day in my part of the world.

Reading through the news and smiling. One of the things I love about Matt Drudge is the way his mind works. Buried down under the main stories he has the stories he blessedly buries but feels the need to report on.

Love the way he lays things out on his website.


ROYAL CARIBBEAN rolls out 'all-you-can-drink' packages...

Charlie Sheen Sells Out Two Nights at Radio City Music Hall...

He pushes Charlie Sheen down under the "all you can drink" package on Royal Caribbean.

So, time to figure out if we are or aren't bombing Libya. Time to figure out if we are or aren't going to have a full meltdown or if we can avoid the worst, worst case scenario.

And, some people are worrying and obsessing on March Madness...

Why doesn't this pooch have a mask on? Such a beautiful dog...

And, some people are waiting for the world to go shake, rattle and roll with the SuperMoon .... and the Spring Equinox...

Why do we always think the world has gone to wreck and to ruin? I just wonder??

Everything today is totally modern, check your email...check your facebook and check your twitter in the bathroom while you have two free moments... hmmmmmm

Goodbye good girlie girl cause I am changing and how cause beat those drums cause here comes Thoroughly Modern Millie nowwwww

Be back later after a good shower and an even better cafecito :)

Besos Bobbi are so cute and you know who i mean when i say "you"


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