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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crazy Quilt of Thoughts, Links and Info

I really don't have time this morning to write a legitimate, well written post about what is going on in Japan this morning as the truth is... no one.... knows the truth about what is going on anyway.

It's all speculation and not good speculation and it's a topsy turvy world where everything is changing rapidly and one of my better, sources of good info is a Twitter link from Russia. Mind you, my degree is in International Relations - Russian Studies but even I never thought one day I'd be getting real-time, info from someone typing onto his telephone keypad for me read online in real-time in America.

What a wonderful world... despite the pain and tragedy it IS a wonderful world.

So, going to post some good links to read on that cover a variety of obsessions and then I am going to the gym and going to dance. I love dance, it's my favorite form of exercise and this is ballet and stretch with some moments of yoga thrown in to the mix. (Never end a sentence with a preposition)

So, whether you are worried where to buy Iodide or canned goods, this post is for you and if you can read between the lines, go for it and dance, laugh or sing because along with prayer it is what keeps the world together.

I had a question the other day that was answered on the news this morning. Simon Winchester wrote a book on the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake that relates to the world today. In 1906 several parts of the Rim of Fire rattled big time, prior to the BIG ONE in San Francisco. So far in the last year or so we have had MASSIVE BIG Quakes in Chile, New Zealand and Japan. Can a BIG earthquake in California somewhere (that includes Baja California and Mexico) be far behind?

I want this book, going to look for it today.

He was on air this morning and he brings up the question of the Cascadia Fault Zone along with the better known San Andreas. The Cascadia is way overdue and has not spoken loudly in over 200 years.

Understand that when dealing with Geology and Planet Earth nothing acts in a vacuum.

Here are some links to surf by while I am dancing and taking a well deserved break from meteorological and geological madness.

American Business News & Thoughts:

for scatological geologists:

message board with humanity:

BEST TWITTER SITE for news on the quake...odd but true:
best twitter site:

good weather info:

Fun in the sun maybe had too much fun but fun to read:

Drug of choice:

That's it for now folks!
See ya soon...
Besos Bobbi

Ps Extra Credit Laugh of the day:

If the Farrelly Brothers created their own studio to finally produce and direct The Three Stooges they would call it.... ready..... really ready????

Yellowstone Studios


(i thought that was funny, gotta go)


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