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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Trouble With Tomas

The trouble with Tomas is that he doesn't want to follow his travel plans as per the National Hurricane Center and he has as much use for the models as he does for a Trip Tik. He's not a member of AA and he's not planning on intensifying or moving until he is ready. This is more like the Little Engine That Could than Thomas the Train Engine.

There is a strong upper level low that is digging down into the Gulf and is rearranging the route out of the Carib by a few miles here or there.

Why hasn't Tomas organized yet? Personally, I do think that his proximity to South America hurt him and inhibited his ability to intensify. I haven't read that anywhere but it's my belief. Why? When all the discussion came out about his rapid intensification he was supposed to be higher than he is... he sort of drifted, fell, moved to the WSW and hovered just north of the coastline. Finally, he is moving away into an area that is more favorable for intensification. Has he done so? No. Why not? Don't know. Maybe someone needs to tell him. Hey... it's November and storms are often unresponsive to the wishes of the NHC so perhaps he is voting with his refusal to budge or blow up?

As that low digs down the shear should keep him in check and should pull his little developing self north across the Windward Passage. Want to believe he might clip Cuba more than Haiti and our prayers for Haiti to have an easier time will have come true ....maybe Gitmo? That's random, I know... no one has said Gitmo but I often am not afraid to say what I think might be happening even if there is no long discussion hinting at it from the NHC.


So... we keep watching.

My son is recuperating and living in the promised land today... Miami Beach ;) (private joke for son who reads blog...) and he is convalescing and I am drowning in election mania watching Alex Sink's ship go down and the Republican party go up. I vote the person and their platform so I am not a knee jerk voter but loving Southwest Miami's Wonder Boy Marco Rubio winning the Senate Seat. Hard not to love someone who grew up where you did and who sees the world through the same lens and mind set.

Today when Obama went on and on about how we need to raise our school system up to Singapore and other places I thought how different his view of the world is to Marco Rubio who truly believes he IS living in the Promised Land of America and appreciative for all his parents did to get here and to see their son be born in a country where anyone can grow up to be the President of the United States.

That is the beauty of living in America... every four years we vote...and on any given Tuesday in November one candidate will win and one candidate will lose and we vote, we have our voice, we make it heard. I am conservative on some issues and liberal on others... my politics is much like my view on weather... I take them one storm at a time. Last night a political storm raged across America, now what? Clean up?

Hoping Tomas is being kind and prayers have worked and Haiti has been spared but it's too far way for me wave the yellow flag and scream victory just yet....

Keep watching and keep is what is best about America and every vote cries out the fact that we can vote for whoever we choose... that is the beauty of America. Vote for the man or woman of your choice, never ignore that gift...that right.... trust me Marco Rubio will always appreciate that right as he comes from a family that lived in a place where they did not have the power to simply vote out (in an honest election) the country's leader and I long for the day when I can dance down Calle Ocho and know that they are one step closer to being free.

Amazes me how we have traveled the world to bring Democracy to Iraq when I would prefer we would have brought democracy to our neighbor 90 miles to the south of the United States.

Besos Bobbi

Ps...I was there that day in Key West ;)


At 12:35 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Si tan sólo pudiera ponerme de nuevo en el Este de gratitud Grupo de Chicas El mundo sería un lugar mejor, mucho amor
and there it is.


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