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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tomas On Track to Intensify... Track Moves A Bit West

It's hard to say and am too buy watching the political election returns tonight to think too much on Tomas ...but Tomas begs us not to turn our back on him.

West... the 5 Day Track is a bit more west than it was previously and now we are hoping that Tomas can pull to the left (west) just enough to miss slamming Haiti and then pull north out towards the Turks and Caicos and into the Atlantic. But, it's November and nothing is cut in stone in the tropics.

Watching the Florida races tonight..... West is beating Klein to the north of me and to the south of me in my ole neck of the woods Marco Rubio is speaking from the Biltmore Hotel and giving an acceptance speech. Party politics aside ...nice to see a Home Boy make it to the Big Time.. especially one who drinks Cuban Coffee :) Had my fix this morning at Bonafide Bakery... Cordatito, yum yum. Will post pics tomorrow... cute place... the spirit of America... an American Flag posted in the window while people sit Cafe Con Leche and Cafecito and eat cute sandwiches that are Argentinian style. We are such a beautiful blend of peoples and no where in the country do you see it more so than in Miami.

So...Besos for tonight... Sweet Tropical Dreams and will talk on Tomas tomorrow...


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