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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Tomas Getting His Act Together.. heading back to hurricane strength

And, he is moving more than north than NNE... I'd say just East of North but hard to tell.

Either way he is wrapping up and going green on the funktop and hopefully shooting the Windward Passage after affecting Jamaica and parts of Cuba. As I said yesterday... Gitmo should get Tomas more than any other area and hopefully the strongest storms will stay away from the Earthquake ravaged areas of Haiti.

Special bonus regarding intensification is tha
t the stronger storms will wrap and there will be less of a messy area of strong weather. Still, there will be storms that will rain down upon Haiti and there will be added misery to an already devastated area and there will be loss of life.


Back in the 70s I went to Haiti. Som
ewhere there is a picture of me standing in front of a mountain top that is so green it almost hurts your eyes to look at it in the bright sunshine. The water so turquoise, the countryside so green. It looked
a lot like the picture here with the nice cruise ship and the tropical looking mountainside.

Unfortunately, most of Haiti does not look like that anymore. It's brown and it looks a lot like some hillside that some Western Movie was filmed in somewhere around the San Fernando Valley years back... sad but true. So, any rain will rush down the moutain side and whoosh a river of mud will go with it.

Gitmo can handle rain. The Windward Passage is the perfect place for this storm to go... and now current tropical predictions call for it to become a Hurricane once again after going through the Windward Passage and on it's way into the Turks and Caicos.

Seriously hope that this trend continues and there is more hype to the Haitian coverage on TWC than it warrants with the current changes in his track. Either way if attention is brought back to Haiti and people see that they can make a difference by becoming involved in charities that support the recovery then some good will come from this tragedy.

I think the 11 PM will be a continuation of the current package out of the NHC with some good discussion on probabilities of continued intensification and hopefully some good guidance on the models that have Tomas looping around or dying out or ramping up into a monster. Come on... we should be better than this... but... this is the tricky part of Tropical Forecasting. Take a Cape Verde Hurricane westbound in August and we know what it will do. Take a pesky Tropical Storm in November battling shear and frontal boundaries over still hot water and you just never know what it will do.

989 mb of pressure was found by the Hurricane Hunters, not sure if the winds will correlate as fast but the picture above shows what Tomas is doing tonight...he's beginning to look like a Hurricane again...or near hurricane strength. Remember, Tomas has tasted blood down in St. Lucia earlier and he has a history of blowing up fast just before landfall so do not underestimate Tomas. South Florida has again lucked out and will experience a beautiful blast of cool weather, blue skies and a brisk breeze after that frontal boundary goes through.

The Bahamas are next on his travel package and unlike some who are dreaming on Fall in Asheville or their first snowfall of the season Tomas has other things on his mind. I suppose there is a good possibility that a part of Tomas could do something funky and get stuck roaming around the tropics as some models have shown but it's more believable that a front this strong should pick up Tomas and take him away.

Only time will tell.

No music tonight...just a loop for you to use to watch this tropical dance play out. It's not a laughing matter, not a comedy or even a musical comedy. Nope... this is as real and dramatic as tropical weather gets and it's being played out in real time.

Good place to watch conditions deteriorate down there is on Link that takes you there below:

Another great thing to watch other than a funktop loop is the following video being shown nonstop on Hurricane City.

Here you go... watch for the greens to take over, at the moment they are waning... again only time will tell. Look at the frontal boundary in PF yellow and Sapphire Blue pull Tomas up and through the Windward Passage.

As for me... going to bed. It's been a long day, a lot of drama, a lot of healing, a lot of silliness and a lot of me finding ways not to write things I need to write and not talking shopping lists or menus. Had some incredible Acorn Squash with Maple Pepper and Thyme seasoning, some fancy brown rice blend with that strange brown condiment ...Braggs and vegetables from the Health Food Store and salad and gosh I love shopping in Health Food Stores... I get lost :) Like the old Wild Oats that is now Whole Foods on South Beach that used to be Forte Market which used to be lol....either way whatever it was it is now a Whole Foods and around the corner from the Gourmet Carrot.. if you have a chance, stop in.. also good food and you can watch the world go by in style.

So... that's all for tonight. Links but no songs, because it's a serious situation.

I take it back. I found one.

Sweet Tropical Dreams

(does it really say Bee?? I need sleep and staring... good song, pretend to sail away on an old schooner through the Windward Passage... nite)



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