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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Something in the Carib... Slowly Developing... Maybe

Most likely cold core working it's way down to the surface, sub-tropical .... maybe going tropical.

Maybe it's just a big upper level low trying to work it's way down to the surface.

Whatever... the same people who could not locate the center of Nicole and wrote her off as not tropical can suddenly find the center of this mess ... it seems....

You check out the loop..

Models take it northeastish out to sea.. we'll see.

Meanwhile towns in North Carolina are still cleaning up from Nicole. It was a localized event, if the flood hit your town it was a BIG event.

People died in accidents related to the storm even:

But, well it's not sexy or exciting .. inland flooding. So, it goes under the radar.

I know someone in Homestead who lost most of their screened pool patio to Irene and her pool furniture floated away in close to a foot of flooding rain (or more) while Jim Cantore stood on a beach in SW Florida waiting for Irene to rain on him.

I know... centers of tropical storms are so hard to find.

Seems the NHC feels confident (80% anyway) that they can pin the head on this messy system... good luck.

No Virginia the season is NOT over... it is just rearranging and waiting for an Indian Summer period and some storm to form that drives forecasters mad by getting caught in weak steering currents.

Hard to believe I know... my toes are cold and no not putting up the Popsicle Toes youtube... you know how it goes I am sure. Taking my popsicle toes and going to bed under a nice warm blanket and dreams of tropical storms dancing in my heads.

Sweet Tropical Dreams.. Bobbi
ps... heard the hail was really big and hurt like all heck in Arizona


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