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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wannabe Bonnie Got Her Sights on the Bahamas?

She has a look to her today, definitely wants to be Bonnie but when and how and where is the question.

The NHC has proclaimed her as "vigorous" which usually is a sign they are looking to buy her business cards, engraved business cards.

She has a nice look, a curvature visible on all satellite imagery and she is less than 24 hours away from finding her groove...if you ask me. And, I am a woman who knows a lot about finding her groove so I can definitely be smiling at despite all the negative talk on how nothing will develop for weeks... something seems to be developing. Of course the key word there is SEEMS...

We are in watch and wait mode today and that means I am going shopping.. Victoria Secrets is calling my name today. It's windy, blustery and breezy and beautiful in Miami and I am almost out of my Pure Seduction Body Spray ..

Of course she has to get past the axis of the Upper Level Low and she has to hit warmer water ....both of which look like they might happen.

The last few waves have tracked through the Keys... west bound. If she develops and gets a name... let's say maybe a Tropical Storm than she might have a specific track vs a general westbound movement.

It's like going to Oz to get a brain or a heart... or a plan.

So, check back on the Vigorous Wave that is moving towards the Bahamas and remember if you hear the words Turks and Caicos.... pay real close attention. Storms that develop close in have a history of pain and problems. It's easier to have these Cape Verde Waves develop far out at sea and recurve up around the Sargasso Sea than to play peek a book with us in Bimini!

Besos Bobbi
Ps.... BIG WAVE coming off of Africa but very messy with multiple personality disorder. Almost too big to figure out what is going on. Banding to the west and low pressure to the east. Give it time and some Mocha Java and let's deal with what's close in before we fantasize on what's over Senegal.


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