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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Something to Think On... far far away...

There is a beautiful wave coming off of Africa. It's right where it should be, though a bit early climo wise and there is some dry air out ahead of it but it's a real keeper wave. Would be a shame to see that wave fall apart.

Elsewhere, there has been a persistent area of convection that webs and ebbs in the Bahamas or just east of the Bahamas. On one hand the area is not conducive to development, on the other hand the longer it persist the longer it needs to be watched or peeked at. Something is going on there, perhaps just summer rain...don't know.

As for me is a travel day. Going to be reading over somethings, listening to music and possibly writing a bit.

My kids sent me the most amazing youtube video last night of storms forming far off in the Gulf Stream. Towering over the distant beach... not sure if they ever rolled in or not or just put on a fancy light show for the kids with the Iphones to upload video to their crazy weather mama. Crazy, great kids...

So.... going to check out their view for myself and sit on a pier and stare out at the blue water, blue skies and wonder when something is going to twist in the night other than me at Zumba.

Besos Bobbi


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