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Monday, July 19, 2010

Heads Up.... Something Slowly Developing? Moving towards Bahamas and Cuba or SE Florida?

Which is it and is it developing? That is the question...

As for me right now... I see a blob of tropical weather to the East-South-East of me and you can bet that I am watching it carefully out of the corner of my eye.

Had an amazing day today. Sat at the Ritz Carlton sipping a drink and staring out at the beautiful turquoise water and feeling the constant, fresh, steady breeze out of the East. Yesterday I was in Key West watching fast moving showers sprinkle rain on Duval Street and all I could think is we are in the flow.... anything that forms will move from east to west... easily across the Florida Straits or stray north over South Florida or be pressed a bit south under Cuba... but the general flow is east to west.

strong waves and wind....

So... where something forms ...when it forms... will say a lot about where it ends up.

There is an invest up... and.... the NHC was looking at a track over or near South Florida as a tropical storm in a few days. Now... why is the 60 million dollar question seeing as most of the models take it to the south of that track.

Why is a question I would like answered...and we should have more answers tomorrow.

For now...this is a heads up... and tonight this is the song that is stuck in my head. Amazing times we live in when people can give charity to rebuild after a disaster with a simple tap tap tap of keys on their cell phones and when we know that we can be the change we want to see in the world by being the person we would like to meet next...

Still not sure something might not form in the Carib near or South of Cuba ... if so that would pull that system behind it...well putting the horse before the cart aren't we right now?

Keep watching the tropics and keep becoming the change you want to see in the world.. you can do it... we all can do it!!

Sweet Tropical Dreams... Bobbi


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